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Titanium Woks

Wok Surface
Titanium Woks

The woks are a work of art!  You can stir fry without oil if you wish, as the food will not stick to the surface, even at high heat (unlike ceramic cookware). The composition of the pan allows for very even heat distribution, so your Wok will be as hot at the base, as it is in the upper outer edges, offering excllent performance. Wok without oil!


13" diameter WOK: $519.  Note: This piece coordinates with the 13" pieces and can share a lid with them. It is approximately 4 3/4 inches in depth, offering a huge Wok-Surface.


Note that the base of the Wok fits the burner, and since it is SOLID, hand-cast cookware, it will heat evenly and quickly. Your Wok surface will be as hot in the center as it is in the upper edges. This makes for an amazing cooking experience. Add the lid to create a vapor oven and quickly vapor cook meats and vegetables without water or even oil if you choose not to use it. If you like using oil, however, the surface is very compatible with cooking oils of all kinds. 

13" Wok Surface is HugeBase fits burner



The 13" Wok shares a lid with 13" cookware pieces such as the set called "The Crowd." The 13" pieces include a frying pan, sauce pan, casserole and roasting pot, all which would share the same lid as this wok. Now that's versatility!


Purchase a matching  lid in the same size, to create your vapor oven on the cooktop.



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