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Whole Chicken Recipes

June 25th, 2013 10:40:00 pm

WHOLE CHICKEN made easy!!!

This whole chicken recipe is really more of a guideline to get you started. Use your own imagination with seasonings and vegetables. Maybe you like your breast more crispy, so you want to put it in bottom down for the first part. Either way, this method with give you the basics you need to prepare a whole (organic of course) chicken without turning on your oven, and without waiting hours. Complete meal in one pot!! It takes only 45 minutes to cook a 4.5 pound bird on the stovetop!


Let's get started by preparing our bird. Mine is 4.5 pounds and it fits with room to spare in the 450 soup pot. This pot uses a 9" lid. Any of our Roasting Pots will work equally well. Get that pot started heating while you season your bird. Put it on medium heat. On my ceramic cooktop this is about a 5 or 6. Meanwhile, rub sage into the surface of the bird and put some inside the cavity (remember to pull the inerds out of the cavity!). Also I rubbed some poultry seasoning on the outside and inside the cavity. That is pretty much it, but use your own preferred seasonings.



Now that your pot is hot, place the bird "breast side down" into the pot and apply the lid. Some good sizzling takes place as it begins to brown the breast. The lid creates a "VAPOR OVEN" which begins to gently cook the interior of the bird and seal in the moisture. Set the timer for 15 MINUTES for the first cooking portion. If you don't want it very browned, turn the heat down just a bit during this first 15 minutes.


Now remove the lid. Here you have a choice. If you want to eliminate all fat, you can transfer the bird now to a plate and pour it out, then put the bird back in, breast side up. If you are okay with the fat, just flip it over and set the time for another 15 MINUTES. Apply the lid.  Here is a picture of my bird once I flipped it. I kept the heat around 5/6 to get that browning... Again, NO OIL, NO BUTTER. Pan was dry!!  


Now that your timer has sounded... you have only 15 minutes left to finish the chicken. Remove the lid and add your carrots, potatoes, whole onions... whatever you like that has similar consistency. I like to tuck the onions down under the bird at this point so they get all carmelized and delicious. Potatoes (try purple they are yum and delicious, I used a sweet potatoe in this photo). Note that the lid is domed so you can fit a LOT of vegetables on top of the chicken. Apply the lid. Set the time for the final 15 MINUTES.

one pot meal

Once the final 15 minutes is complete... you should remove the lid and put a thermometer into the breast. Make sure it is over 130 degrees.. probably closer to 140 degrees so that your legs are not pink. You can leave the lid off and cook for a bit to get some of the moisture out of the browned skin.







Transfer to a platter and serve! In this photo, we show the chicken when it was removed from the pot and added to the platter. Then we sliced into it and look at the explosion of juices. The photo is not gorgeous, but gives you a feel for how moist meat will be when prepared in a vapor oven on the stovetop.

whole chicken stovetop

This is a quick photo of the drippings... You may like to make gravy so you will have the opportunity to do that next!!

I hope you enjoy making a hassle free Whole Chicken Recipe of your own. This is a demonstration of the simplicity of it using our Titanium Cookware and the Vapor Oven feature. The clean up, as you can see from the drippings photo, is a quick wipe out with a paper towel. Some soap and water on a sponge!! No scrubbing.  Enjoy!



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