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With the growing popularity of Induction Cooktops, and our customer's interest in owning compatible cookware, we have made some changes.  New homes and apartments are being built-out with Induction Stoves more and more. People are buying RVs and Boats that have Induction Cooktops. We've had many inquiries. And we've listened to your feedback and learned that you don't want to have to own more than one line of cookware for your varying needs. Our entire cookware line is now compatible with ALL cooktops including Induction!! But you won’t pay inflated induction prices because we worked hard to keep the prices the same! Now that is versatility!


That's right... we have changed our line over to feature entirely our induction line. So the products are now "all-cooktop" compatible, but we’re keeping our “original line” prices! Identical performance and features. But a new compatibility with ANY and ALL Cooktops, at no additional cost to you. So if you have a Ceramic Flat-top or a Gas Stove, but also have an extra Induction countertop unit or an RV with an Induction stove, your pans will work wherever you go!


What does this change mean to you?

•You will still get the amazing Titanium Non-Stick Surface

•You still have the 20-year surface performance warranty and a lifetime warranty on the workmanship of the pan.

•You still get solid-cast cookware performance (no layered ply or clad here!)

•You will still use the same lid and be able to vapor cook as normal

•Your lids and handles will still be oven-safe up to 450 degrees as normal

•The handle will still be attached to the cast itself, no rivets on the interior of the pan that harbor bacteria on your cooking surface

•You will still clean it with hot soapy water and a green scour pad as normal


What features do change?

•The imprint on the bottom of the pan will simply say “INDUCTION GERMANY”

•The bottom will now be the same color and consistency as the rest of the pan (no more polished “silver” base that becomes scratched or discolored or stained).

•The handle will have a slightly different shape, and will have a hidden screw attachment for easy tightening (but no rivets on the interior of the pan as normal).





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