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We offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty and 20-Year Surface Performance Warranty.


Titanium Exclusive We-Care Warranty

Our cookware is constructed in Germany by highly-skilled craftsman using only the very best materials. This unique customer-oriented warranty has come about as a result of our high standards for product quality and commitment to satisfaction.


Warranty Details

Maintaining your cookware by keeping it clean will ensure its long-term performance. Your cookware has been manufactured anticipating zero defects under normal household use. Scratches and marks caused by metal utensils do not constitute a warranty claim, as they are merely cosmetic and will not affect the nonstick performance. Accumulation of food residues following an improper maintenance or dirty pan may affect the non-stick coating and will not constitute an exchange under warranty. In the event that service is required due to defect during the remaining years of the warranty, after the original purchase date, and the presentation of proof of purchase, the warranty administrator will repair or replace for a minimum charge as explained in the warranty table, plus shipping cost. Shipping the pan to the warranty administrator is at the cost of the customer by the carrier they select. Repair or replacement does not extend the duration of this warranty or begin a new warranty period. If identical pans are not available at the time of repair or replacement, your Distributor reserves the right to substitute pans of equal or better quality. Commercial use is excluded from guarantee. The rims of the cookware are not included in the warranty, and wear and tear are not to constitute a warranty claim.


Type Total Warranty Period in Years No Charge Period in Years Repair or Replacment Fee After No Charge Period in Years
Titanium Exclusive 20 5 1/20 of the regular price times number of years in use



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