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Toxins in the Home

April 8th, 2013 02:05:00 pm

Toxins in the Home


Slow-acting poisons and toxic chemicals found in personal care and household products slowly kill by the millions…These toxins in the home are surrounding us and most of us are not paying attention to the importance of reducing them. Reducing them means giving your body a chance to fight back. Too many of them can overload our systems and that is when illness strikes.


The toxins I am referring to are found in everyday household products that, when absorbed through the skin (as practically all chemicals are), lead directly to liver toxicity, nervous system disorders, and cancer. Your skin is your largest organ. There is about 1/10th of an inch between you and poisons that you are willingly expose yourself too.


Re-train your brain! Fragrances are bad, not good. No smell means clean! “April Fresh” means chemicals and toxins. Don’t let the big manufacturers make money at the expense of your health and wellness. They will sell based on any means… attractive scents, bright colors, sexy images. Product manufacturers absolutely deny the health consequences of their products. They acknowledge that the chemicals are present, but they claim the skin doesn't absorb them. That's nonsense, of course: the skin absorbs practically all chemicals. That's why the "patch" medicines work in the first place: the medicine is absorbed through the skin. We really must look out for our own well-being--because guaranteed they do not have our best interests in mind. Their focus is merely money, not your health. Re-train your brain to think for yourself. Chemcial scents are BAD.


I decided to make this really easy, and provide actual product links. I spent a LOT of time going through the ingredients of products and making selections. All you need to do is click and buy!


Here is an easy-to-accomplish checklist to get started on “REDUCING YOUR TOXIC LOAD”…


Step 1: Get rid of your SHAMPOO and buy this: 






The bathroom is one of the most toxic rooms in the house for most American families. Shampoos containing harsh solvents cause liver toxicity. I won’t go into the list of chemical… but even the ones mass distributed by the giants will say “sulfate free” on the front, and then if you examine the actual ingredients… you see sodium laurel sulfate. Your best bet is to never buy a big brand commercial shampoo.

The one listed here is fantastic. Use it for one week. It will feel strange at first, but carry on and give it a full week. You will soon be free of the chemical build-up in your hair, and appreciating it!


Step 2: Get rid of your CONDITIONER and buy this: HAIR SERUM


While your hair is still wet, put some on your hands and rub it through your hair and onto the ends of your hair. Sound to simple. It is but it works!


Step 3:  Get rid of your SOAPS/French bar soaps etc and buy this: CARIBBEAN CRAZE SOAP BAR


Now here you get to enjoy fragrance that is safe because it is scented with essential oils. Lots of variety… pick your favorites.


Step 4:  Get rid of your LAUNDRY DETERGENT and use this:  SOAP NUTS LAUNDRY DETERGENT


Step 5:  Get rid of your DRYER SHEETS and use this: LEMONGRASS ESSENTIAL OIL


The bathroom is only the beginning: the laundry room is also highly toxic, containing the same chemical perfumes in both the laundry detergent and especially the dryer sheets. Dryer sheets coat all your clothes with a layer of toxic chemicals. When you wear those clothes, your body moisture causes those chemicals to come into contact with your skin and be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. It's an easy way to poison your system with cancer-causing chemicals.

Regarding step 5 above… put several drops of this on a rag and throw it into the dryer with your clothes for a fresh scent that is safe and non-toxic. I like to do this with bath towels and sheets in particular.


Step 6:  Get rid of your DISH SOAP and use this: DISH SOAP


The kitchen is also highly toxic: consumers purchase antibacterial soap products made with a potent nerve chemical similar to agent orange -- that's what kills the bacteria.


Spread the word. Send a friend this article and let them know to avoid these products. If these five things seem like a big step, change out one per week, for the next five weeks! Start eliminating toxins in the home today!!


Photos of skin and girl courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net



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