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Toxic Household Products

January 21st, 2013 01:11:00 pm

I started to notice the past five years that more and more people are being diagnosed with cancer and realized it has everything to do with the toxins we are exposed to every day. Free radicals are on the increase. In additiona to the free radicals in the environment, we are also very exposed to toxic household products every day. It reflects the difference between health and illness all around us. People I know… Even myself! Then I started to look around at my circle, my network, my family close and extended, my friends and observe more closely.  I came to the realization that a LOT of people are afflicted with some sort of medical issue that affects their daily life and affects their enjoyment of life. Indigestion. Food allergies. Head and sinus pain. Sleeplessness. Exhaustion/fatigue.  Unexplained pain. Infertility. Foggy thinking.

 toxic household products

I became more acutely aware of the toxins in my own environment. This created some anxiety and concern as I realized that these environmental issues (FREE RADICALS) are increasing dramatically. Normally our our bodies are designed to fight these off pretty effectively. But when the numbers are astronomically out of balance, our body can no longer "fix" itself.  This is when we succumb to disease and illness.  Hence began my extensive research… And then my quest to “clean up” my home from toxins.  I decided that this was a place that I could at least make a difference to some degree. My logic, if I reduce the toxins, heavy metals, chemicals that myself, my husband and my three darling dogs are exposed to each day, our home can become our place of reprieve. Our bodies can catch up to the free radical fight while in this place, and can heal and recuperate.


I started with my beauty products. My shampoo has phosphates. My soap has chemicals. My hairspray, UGGHH. This proved to be easier than I expected. Liberating even! No more did I have to collect every lovely scented item I could find. I turned my back on the scents, chemicals and unnecessary toiletries and trimmed it down to the simplest list. Ahhh. Clutter reduction was an added bonus. Saving money another added bonus. My shower was no longer full of multiple bottles of this product and that product that may not have been used in a year. I turned to a local merchant for “clean” products and have never looked back.


Next I tackled the cookware. I spend a lot of extra effort to shop for organic produce from local farmers and stay away from pesticides.  BPA free cans and antibiotic free meats and the list goes on. What sense did it make to then cook it in something that is potentially adding heavy metals, and worse yet deadly chemicals directly into my once-healthy food?  I have followed the articles for years about Dupont’s Teflon and it’s no surprise that the EPA has finally determined that it is toxic, causes cancer, and it does not have to be compromised (scratched, chipped or flaking) to be dangerous. Merely heating the pan emits the toxins into the air we are breathing in our kitchens.  See my blog  Is Teflon Dangerous?


The research was extensive and I kept coming up unsatisfied. There were drawbacks to all alternatives I examined… except one... but we aren’t to that part of the conversation yet…

  • Stainless steel:The old stuff was pretty acceptable, but you can’t buy it anymore. It’s all coming from China now, and the biggest problem for me is that it leaches nickel into food. It also requires a lot of grease/fat to keep stuff from sticking, and then a lot of scrubbing after meal preparation. That was just not for me. I don’t like a pan that warps. I don’t like a pan where the handles can come loose.  
  • ScanPan & “Green” pans: These pans fall into the category of, you get what you pay for.  As soon as you burn something in this pan, it never performs the same again.  I’ve owned multiples that have failed and needed to be replaced within a year or two. My biggest concern is that their content is usually pretty undefined or vague. For the most part, they are a blend using “glass/ceramics” which can leach LEAD into your food. I avoid ceramic for this reason, as well as the fact that a coating such as this is not durable and will definitely wear off in a short time.
  • Cast Iron: I am not a fan. I want my pans scrubbed clean when they go into my cabinet. They require too much grease/oil to keep food from sticking. And my biggest concern—they leach iron into our food, which is found to cause brain degeneration particularly in men. This article provides more information on iron.


The list goes on. In the end, I found a product in Germany. Although it proved difficult to acquire initially, once I did, I realized I had purchased the most amazing set of cookware I’ve ever owned. These pans have completely changed the way I prepare meals on many levels.  I was so impressed that I had to bring it to market in the Western US, where I live.  Everyone should have easy access to such an opportunity to provide clean, chemical and heavy metal free meals for their families. If you have an interest in learning more about this cookware, click here. It is Titanium, hand-cast in Germany. Titanium is inert in the human body. It is used in medical applications such as hip replacements and tooth implants. It does not absorb, rather, passes through. The fact that it is also naturally non-stick makes this cookware the ultimate in easy-to-use, easy-to-clean! It definitely allows you the opportunity to eliminate toxic household products on a large scale... by ridding yourself of toxic cookware and replacing it with Titanium cookware. Toxic Household Products



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