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Titanium Sauce Pans

Sauce Pans have a short and long handle.
Titanium Sauce Pans

Our Sauce Pans are 3-inches deep. This high-rim saucepan is especially suited for dishes with sauces such as goulash or stuffed bell peppers or spaghetti. If you are feeding a group, simply pack this pan full of chicken pieces right up against the side walls and add the lid. Everything will brown evenly. This pan offers saute cookware functionality, with the depth needed for sauces and larger cuts of meat. Choices include the following and can be added to the shopping cart from the pull down menu (with or without a matching lid):


9" diameter sauce pan (24 cm) $369.

11" diameter sauce pan (28 cm) $429.

8 Inch Sauce Pan








Note: For the same size sauce pans, with TWO large helper handles instead of a long handle... see the Category "CASSEROLE PANS".  They come in 11 and 13" diameter, as well as 11x11 square. The 'Stay-Cool Stovetop' Big Grip handles don't get hot on the stovetop, and they are great for frying, roasting and vapor cooking on the stovetop, as well as for putting into the oven (lids and handles are oven-safe). The Casserole style doesn't have the long handle, so they take up less space on the stovetop.


Purchase a matching  lid in the same size, to create your vapor oven on the cooktop (lids sold separately except when purchasing a set).


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