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Titanium Frying Pan

Non Stick Pan. Stay Cool Handle
Titanium Frying Pan

These titanium frying pans are standard 2 inches deep. This low profile makes turning and flipping food super easy. The domed lid adds a lot of "vapor oven" space for heating up left overs or bringing final internal temperature up and is great for cooking vegetables. Choices include the following and can be added to the shopping cart from the pull down menu (with or without a matching lid):


8" diameter frying pan (20 cm) $269.

9" diameter frying pan (24 cm) $289.

11" diameter frying pan (28 cm) $309.

13" diameter frying pan (32 cm) $349.



Hand-cast in Germany, our titanium frying pan has a 20-year surface performance warranty.  This cast flat frying pan is especially suitable for steaks, cutlets, eggs, omelettes, fried potatoes and quick fried foods. It's also terrific for heating up leftovers.


When you add the lid (sold separately) you create a vapor oven that allows you to make perfect vegetables with no water, and do poached eggs to perfection. Click here for waterless, Vapor Cooking. Vapor cooking is also a great way to defrost or heat up leftovers. Lids and handles are oven-safe.


Purchase a matching  lid in the same size, to create your vapor oven on the cooktop (lids sold separately except when purchasing a set).


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