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Titanium Cookware Reviews

September 19th, 2016 03:36:00 pm

Searching for quality Titanium Cookware Reviews on the internet can be challenging because you have to weed through the commissioned bloggers’ recommendations.   


Commission-generating links are the nuts and bolts of “affiliate marketing,” a mechanism that is one of the most common, least visible ways the Internet funnels blog readers onto retail sites.  It is harmless as long as readers understand it is an unedited perspective in return for money, and does not necessarily mean the blogger has done any solid research on “other” options, or even used the product themselves.


As a result, it can’t be considered real-life comprehensive or exhaustive research, even though it is often written as if it is just that. The bloggers or affiliate marketers have certainly not tried to find competitive products, as that would put a dent into their commissions and the links they want you to click.


You should always question as to whether they’ve even tried the products they are endorsing. Some of the bigger sites have tried the products sent to them by the retailer… which is what really generated the review to begin with.  And the fact that it is not an “independent” review is tough to uncover on some sites, but also quite up-front on others. Fact is, people wouldn’t take the time to write a review for cookware and actually test the products, if they weren’t getting something in return (commission or free product). That is not to say that the products aren’t actually excellent, as they may be! The blogger might actually like a product, and reach out to the retailer to offer a blog for review, in exchange of course, for commission on every click that comes through from their blog. So in reality, this is advertising through the back door and is a great passion for many writers as they can supplement their income nicely by doing what they love to do—writing.


That said, it is indeed a tough place for a small business to compete. But, if your mission is to bring the best titanium cookware products to market that you possibly can, you continue to work at it. I now use an independent third party software called Yotpo that takes customer reviews, validates they’ve purchased our product, and publishes them directly onto our company website. And still, it is interesting the amount of distrust in the marketplace. One consumer complained that there were no negative comments about our German, hand-cast cookware.  Truth is, once they own it, they love it. I’m not going to ask someone to write a bad review so as to bring an element of trust. Here are a few of the reviews customers have published... 


Titanium Cookware Reviews











We try very hard to keep it real at Titanium Cookware Collection. You would be hard pressed to find a business owner out there that takes all of their own photographs. By the way, I’ve seen shots or rather entire pages of my website and photography stolen from my site and posted on “other” sites, and those shots  were taken right in my own kitchen by me! And not just the photos. They’ve taken entire pages of my site and copied them verbatim onto their own site, and they are not even selling my specific cookware.  


I also write all of my own recipe blogs and share them regularly with my (very happy) customers.  They are very informal, but they are real. This would be a typical scenario in my kitchen each night… I am making dinner and juggling my camera and taking shots of each step. And then I ward off my hungry husband and tell him he can’t touch his food until I’ve gotten that final shot of the food as it is positioned on the plate. We get a good laugh when three bites in I exclaim, “oh no, I forgot the plated shot.”  It is impossible to go back and take a picture after a big bite is missing!  That said, it is all to serve a greater purpose, while fighting alongside the big gigantic ecommerce machine, and supporting my customer base. 


On a side note that is totally off topic… while I am cooking dinner, I am also chopping up all the little leftover unused bits. For example, the top and stem of the bell pepper. I chop it into bite-sized pieces and absolutely nothing goes to waste from my kitchen. I keep a little container next to me while cooking and the bits and pieces go into that, and those go straight out to those ever-hungry chickens. They love dinner time. One will jump up onto the table outside the kitchen window and peer in at me as I cook. She wants to know what morsels are coming outside when it’s all complete. That Lily!


Yep, we keep it real. If you are a happy owner of Titanium Cookware Collection’s quality products, you know what I’m talking about! Cheers to one-on-one customer relationships, genuine conversations, amazing cookware performance, and cooking healthy food without inadvertently adding chemicals and heavy metals!  We hope you find the best titanium cookware you seek, and that the Titanium Cookware Reviews you read are just that, reviews, not paid advertisments for specific brands!


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