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Titanium Cookware Pan Handle

Watch out for the knock-offs... Replicas that call themselves Titanium are on the market already, and some are actually the next phase of "chemical" coatings which are equally as toxic. These knock-off's can call themselves "titanium cookware" but they are not. The "coating" on those pans will wear off and stop performing. Other companies utilize Ceramic for their non-stick surface, or a Ceramic-Titanium blend (in order to be able to use the word "titanium" in their marketing).  This means they need to use a glue to adhere the ceramic coating to the metal base. 

To be certain that you are purchasing the Titanium Cookware Collection original cookware that is hand-cast in Germany... look for the 3 dots on the handle...

  • Process: Proprietary High-Tech application of the Titanium surface is applied at twice the speed of sound.  Note: It has been established after thorough testing by the State Business Institute (LGA) Bavaria-Division Environmental Protection that: the inner seal fulfills the recommendation of the Federal Health Ministry (BGA) and thus corresponds to 31, par 1 of the Food and Domestic Articles Law, Germany.
  • Handles:  Unique grip mounting without screws and rivets exposed within the cooking surface. This plug-in system was awarded the safety label of the TÜV Rheinland.


We offer a 20-year Surface Performance Warranty and Lifetime Guarantee because our pans are layered with actual titanium, the second hardest metal known to man.


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