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The Couple: 9 Inch Set

9 Inch Cookware Set
The Couple: 9 Inch Set

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This is safe non stick cookware, so if you want to replace an entire set of toxic pans all at once, we have established some easy options with our cooking sets.   The set selections are separated by size, which makes the lids interchangeable and which allow you to nest and stack and store them easily. You don’t have to search your cabinet for the correct lid, because the two lids provided fit all three pans!!


THE COUPLE: This set offers 3 pans and 2 interchangeable lids. They are 9” inches in diameter, perfect for a small family or couple. The first pan in the collection is a 9” Titanium Frying Pan (2" deep).  The second piece is a 9” Titanium Sauce Pan (3" deep), and the third is a 9” Soup Pot (5" deep). The set is completed with two 9” lids that are nicely rounded (or domed) in shape in order to give you lots of room to load them full!  All pans, lids and handles are oven-proof up to 450 degrees; however, the lids allow you to cook entire meals stovetop by creating a vapor oven.


9 inch cookware set

We have chosen these 5 pieces for a functional solution. For example:

Burner 1: Soup Pot holds a whole chicken, roast or brisket, with the lid on, cooked stovetop. Ten minutes out, add potatoes/onions on top.

Burner 2: Sauce Pan holds vegetables vapor cooking with the lid on…  No Oil. No Water. Vapor cooking keeps the nutrients locked in your food, not lost in the water.

Burner 3: Frying Pan holds caramelizing onions and mushrooms or gravy to put atop the chicken.


An entire meal in three pans. And if you cook this vapor style on the stovetop, it will take half the time it would take in the oven. Clean-up is a breeze, simply wipe clean, no scrubbing! BUT, all lids and handles are oven-safe up to 450 degrees so you can use them in the oven if you choose.


"The Couple"

Frying Pan - 9" - 2" deep:  $289.00
Sauce Pan - 9" - 3.5QT- 3" deep:  $369.00
Soup Pot - 9"- 5QT- 5" deep:  $409.00
2 interchangeable Lids:  $73.00

Individually these pieces sell for a total of: $1,140.00

SET DISCOUNT to buy the group: $1,069.00



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