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"We were so tired of expensive cookware that didn't perform as advertised"

I ordered a frying pan and lid a few months ago and I just wanted to tell you that my wife and I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for a truly great pan that does everything you said it would do in your videos. We have spent so much money over the 15 years we have been married trying to find the best cookware available for our family. We were so tired of all the expensive cookware that didn't perform as advertised. I saw one of your videos on youtube and thought I would try one of your pans, Kind of a test. I was blown away! It really worked like you said! THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!!!


James Wall

Raleigh, NC



"Chicken breasts come out moist and perfect, like an expensive restaurant"

“I started with one large covered pan from the Titanium Collection.  I was a skeptic but knew I had to get safer pans to cook in.  Well, it soon became the ONLY pan I would use aside from my small frying pan.  As you can guess, I then bought the small frying pan also with the lids and they are my favorite pans.  I use them everyday yet they still look like I just bought them!  My family can’t believe how good my chicken is now.  Chicken breasts come out moist and perfect, like an expensive restaurant.  The ability to trap the moisture as food cooks is amazing and makes the flavor so good, you don’t even need sauce.  Love the even cooking too.  I don’t have to worry about moving things to different spots on the pan.  It cooks evenly all across the pan.  Less oil, more flavor, easy clean-up, no toxins, I’m sold!  Can’t wait to try more of the collection!” 


Valerie Woodstra

San Clemente, CA



"I cannot tell you how long I have looked for something durable and truly nonstick"

"I received my brand new fry pan today and wanted to tell you how amazing it is! I followed all of the directions for cooking; used no oil; food never stuck to the pan; and when I went to clean with soapy water the food came right off with just a dish cloth---no scrubby sponge of any kind. I am thrilled! I cannot tell you how long I have looked for something durable and truly nonstick. Since I take very good care of my household items, this will be around for a very long time and I'll be adding a few more Titanium Cookware items to my collection in the near future. Thank you so much. Love it!"

Marti Tilton
Marti Tilton
San Antonio, TX





“incredibly versatile cookware… I made pineapple upside down cake on my stovetop!”

“The first thing I cooked with my new set was my morning eggs. This is terrific to be able to eliminate the oil. That night after preparing the most moist and delicious chicken, all stovetop, I decided I would try my new fry pan for a dessert. This is incredibly versatile cookware. I made pineapple upside down cake on my stovetop, and it just popped right out, burnt sugar and all. The clean-up is so very simple, I love my new cookware.”

Kathy Watson
Kathy Watson
Scottsdale, Arizona




“I LOVE my new pans!”

“I loved the information on your blog.......keep recipes coming! I LOVE my new pans! I cooked 6 pounds of pork tenderloin and then shredded it for pulled pork. I cut the roast up in chunks and browned all of them to perfection with no added oil and then simmered in chicken broth for about 3 hrs. I know you don't eat pork but this turned out fabulous and my family made tacos or burritos or barbeque depending on the sauce they used. I also flash-fried a piece of cod in my fry pan with very little oil and it was so good. I am having fun!"

Jill Banks
Jill Banks
Phoenix, Arizona




“…. pans are a breakthrough in metal, toxin-free cookware”

“Titanium Cookware Collection pans are a breakthrough in metal, toxin-free cookware. I enjoy being able to cook my vegetables and meats without any oil, and do entire meals stovetop! The non-stick nature of this titanium surface is incredible and makes use and clean-up really simple. I work with patients every day that have heavy-metal in their system, making them sick. Titanium is a safe solution to cooking without adding anything harmful back into your food. I was especially impressed that this cookware has a pure titanium layer that is not mixed with ceramic or other metal-leaching substances.”

Bruce H. Shelton
Dr. Bruce H. Shelton, M.D., M.D. (H)
Phoenix, Arizona




"I absolutely love them... "

"So I finally had a chance to use my cookware ...between travel and crazy kid schedules.  I absolutely love them and love the square pan like you said I would. Cooked up some chicken breast with just garlic and coconut oil. Super moist and yum!"

Duree Westover
Duree Westover
Boise, Idaho




"I think it’s time to simplify what I’m storing in my pan cabinet, this cookware is all I need!" 

"These pans are a solid and timeless investment and have become priceless to me.  They have changed my attitude about cooking. It’s healthier and it’s faster!  For instance, I thought I’d make a crock pot meal to make the evening more simple and FORGOT to put the roast in. This is no longer an issue because I can cook the whole thing on the stovetop in one of my pans in an hour. I had heard about the even heat distribution, so I tried something that would NEVER work in my old pans – putting a large pan on a small burner for grilled cheese sandwiches.  What do you know?  They were evenly toasted!  The egg and bacon routine happened seldom because of the cleanup.  But the egg remainders wipe right out. Bacon too. Also now instead of putting leftovers in the microwave (which makes meat tough) I pop them into my pan on low with the lid on and they steam up perfectly in very little time. It is so convenient and healthier.  And the videos and recipes on the website are so helpful and inspiring!  I’m so happy about finding out about this cookware.  My husband bought them for me and benefits greatly from that smart choice, and gets tickled about how I rave about them. The word “titanium” is popping up in TV ads now because people are getting rid of their toxic Teflon, but those $20 TV pans don’t even remotely compare to THESE pans. Since I got my Titanium pans I have literally been doing all my cooking for a family of four in a large skillet, a large roaster, a smaller egg pan and a saucepan – and that’s it.  I think it’s time to simplify what I’m storing in my pan cabinet, this cookware is all I need!" 



Denver, Colorado



“my husband is very pleased with the investment”

“My husband is very pleased with the investment we made in this Titanium Cookware from Germany. He loves his chicken to be crispy, and I can easily achieve that with the 11x11 Grill Pan.  I’ve also mastered his breakfast egg/omelet using no oil. Since I bought the 13” inch set, my cookware is large enough to allow me to cook large quantities so that he has leftovers for lunch all week.  No fast food for us anymore!”

Shelly Spivak
Scottsdale, Arizona


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