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Stuffed Poblanos

June 23rd, 2015 12:26:00 pm

Stuffed Poblanos offer a quick and versatile dinner "in" using whatever you have on hand in your refrigerator. Mine are stuffed with chicken sausage, black beans and cheese. You could do vegetarian style by stuffing them with cauliflower, bell peppers, broccoli, or even eggs, and don't forget to top with cheese!


Fresh PoblanosStart with some fresh Poblano peppers. These are not an especially hot variety of pepper, but you can always add some spice to your stuffing mix. See the tiny one in this picture? That one came from my own garden! After you have rinsed them, go ahead and slice them lengthwise and scrape them clean to prepare for the stuffing. If you leave some seeds, this will add to the heat. Now you are ready to load them into your pan and fill them with the goodies that make this a hearty meal.

I cooked some chicken sausage to use as my stuffing base.

 Chicken Sausage

I have selected my Specialty Casserole pan and lid for the vapor cooking on the stovetop. You can get it nice and hot and blister the peppers first, or you can blister them during the cooking process. I kept he heat low, and stuffed each pepper. Then I applied the lid and let them slow "roast" stovetop on very low heat. Toward the end, I raised the heat and removed the lid and let the bottoms of the peppers blister which adds a pop of flavor. Here I have stuffed with chicken sausage, black beans and cheese.

Stuffed Poblanos are a delicious and exciting change of pace for dinner. Use whatever ingredients you have available and it will taste delicious! I had some red marinara on hand and fresh basil from the garden....

Stuffed Poblanos





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