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Stuffed Burger Recipe

March 24th, 2016 01:29:00 pm

This stuffed burger recipe is something to throw together quickly when you know you have grass-fed ground beef thawed in the fridge. If you omit the cheese, it's a perfect paleo dinner as well. So pull out a big mixing bowl and roll up your sleeves. This is a mouth-watering solution to "what's for dinner tonight?" Put your ground meat into the mixing bowl and add pinenuts, salt/pepper, chopped onion, grated romano cheese, fresh minced garlic, fresh chopped parsley, and any other herbs and spices you like. Slice your tomatoes and slice some red onions. Wash and prep lettuce. Pull out a jar of Avocado Spread or Mayo.

Nutty BurgerTomato

Form the burger patties and start frying them in your Titanium Frying Pan. Meanwhile, start roasting some brussel sprouts for a side dish. Burgers and Brussels!  

Stuffed Burgers Frying

Stuffed Burger Recipe


1 lb Grass-Fed Ground Beef

Tomatoes, Onions, Lettuce, Avocados, Sliced for layering

Pinon (pine) nuts

Fresh chopped Garlic and Parsley

Grated Romano cheese

Seasonings such as Salt/Pepper, Herbs De Provence, Garlic


Serve your Stuffed Burger Recipe open-face on sprouted bread, or without any bread at all. Delicious, moist and hearty!



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