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Stove Top Grills

June 10th, 2013 06:00:00 am



Stove Top Grills are great to have around in the summer in Phoenix, when you don’t want to “cook” on the patio with your meats. They are also great to have when we hit our winter rainy season. But most important, they are great to have because they make an AWESOME steak, stove top!

 Stove Top Grills

I have picture here a recent set of steaks I cooked indoors using my Titanium Grill Pan. This pan provides the benefit of grill marks that look more professional than those from my gas grill outdoors. If you like your steak a bit more cooked through, you don’t have to char it to get your steak to be well done. We know that charring creates a carcinogen that we don’t want to ingest. So the solution is to simply add the lid that is made for this pan, to bring the internal temperature of the meat up very quickly.


I sear my steaks on each side (using no oil or butter with this pan!) for 3 minutes. Then I add the lid and lower the heat. This grill pan has such tremendous heat retention that it will hold its heat to continue cooking the steak through, but without blackening it. When you use the lid I this way, you also lock the moisture into your meat and the flavor is outstanding.


If you like, throw your peppers or other vegetables into the same pan and grill them for a complete meal in one pan.


The best feature though, is that when you are finished, you will be able to merely wipe the pan clean with a paper towel. No scrubbing. Easy clean up usually equates to more time making meals at home because the “chore” part of it is eliminated. The more meals we eat fresh-cooked at home, the less processed food we consume, the healthier we are!


Pictured is my finished product. I’ve added my fresh sprouts. If you don’t grow your own organic sprouts and would like to try (it is SO EASY)… then read my blog on how to do your own. These babies are packed with more nutrients than we can get from our regular vegetables, and they taste amazing.

So if you want more information about stove top grills, visit our website here and click on products and then Grilling Pans.



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