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Stove Top Grill

Indoor Grill Pan
Stove Top Grill

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This pan is excellent for indoor stove top grilling, but also for outdoor gas grilling, because it features a removeable handle. The handle and lid is oven safe up to 500 degrees, but if you wish to use this pan under the broiler, or outdoors on an open flame, simply remove the handle. Keep in mind that a ceramic cookware surface would never endure this type of heat needed for grilling to perfection. That is why titanium is a much better choice.


When you use this indoor grill pan with the accompanying lid, you are able to bring the internal temperature of your meat or fish up quickly, while achieving professional grill marks on the meat. A truly versatile selection, this stove top grill allows you to get substantial heat, fast due to it's special internal design. It will heat very evenly, and is great for vegetables too, using the lid. 


Brussel sprouts, corn on the cob... all vapor cook beautifully in this stove top grill pan using the lid.


Grill Pan; 11x11 with removable handle: $329.00

Grill Pan; 11 x11 with removable handle and matching lid for vapor cooking: $369.00


Order yours today and get started enjoying grilling indoors, with high heat, and no mess!



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