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Stove Top Grill

February 18th, 2016 07:30:00 am

Don’t give up on grilled steak just because it’s still too cold outside -- or it's raining. Our stove top grill makes grilling indoors a success. And, if you use the lid, you can raise the internal temperature of your cut of meat quickly, while locking in the moisture. The lid creates a vapor oven on the stovetop so while the surface is browning the flat sides, the lid is creating vapor all around the food and cooking the inside.

chicken grilling indoorsgrilled chicken

You can successfully grill chicken breasts, getting them gently browned, and using the lid to cook them internally at the same time. The same works for salmon. Just put it on the Titanium Grill Pan surface and add the lid for vapor cooking. If you prefer your steaks to be medium-rare, just sear them on both sides and don’t use the lid, so the inside of the meat will stay pink. And remember, you do not need to add fats or oil. Nothing will stick to the surface so the clean up is as simple as wiping it out. Recall that cleaning up the outdoor grill involves a lot of scrubbing and labor. Not so with the best indoor grill from Titanium Cookware Collection.


Another great feature of this particular pan in our collection is the removable handle. The grill pan is 11 x11 and the handle easily comes off my just gently pushing the blue button. Once removed, this pan is now perfectly suited for outdoor campfire cooking. When you are ready to remove it from the outdoor cooking surface, make sure it is away from open flame and slide the handle back into place. You will hear a "click" to know it is locked on. The grill pan is our best piece for RVs and Camper Trailers. It is big enough to accommodate 4 cobs of corn, lid on, to vapor cook them to perfection -- without introducing the harmful toxins of aluminum foil. 

Grill Pan handle detaches for use on outdoor flame or under broiler

Using the lid is super important to either vapor cook vegetables gently, or to bring the internal temperature of meat up while grilling. This versatile piece also accomodates baked white or sweet potatoes!


The next time you see a great price on lobster tails, treat yourself. You can easily prepare these with confidence using your stovetop grill. See this blog for full instructions. The result is a moist, flavorful tail that competes with any I’ve had in a restaurant.

With our grill pans that are sheet style, the options are endless. They of course span across two burners stovetop, but can also go into the oven under the broiler. Here I’ve broiled asparagus and eggplant. I also bake cookies on this same grill sheet pan, making it a very versatile addition to my cookware collection.

Try our stove top grill for grilling indoors. The results will not disappoint.



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