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Glass Steamer Basket

One glass Steam Basket on Soup Pot
Glass Steamer Basket

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Our 9" (24cm) Glass Steamer stands 4" high and is made of borosilicate heavy-duty glass. It is a glass basket with round holes in the bottom that lets the steam rise gently to your vegetables or tamales. The steamer is designed to fit atop any of our 9" diameter pots or sauce pans, and is finished with the 9" lid. NOTE: This will only fit on our 9" diameter cookware (24cm).


Each piece is sold separately, or as a set.


Of course your soup pots and lids can be used without the glass steamer basket, for soups, stews, sauces and even vapor cooking a whole chicken stovetop! This makes the 3 pieces a tremendous value and useful addition to your kitchen.

NOTE: This photo shows two steam baskets stacked on top of each other for added volume, sitting on top of our 9" soup pot and with the 9" lid on top. To achieve this, please put a quantity of 2 Glass Steamers in your shopping cart. Glass Steamer Baskets Double Stacked


If you love the idea of steaming, this thick glass basket is the highest quality you will find that will offer heavy metal and chemical free steaming. It is gentle cooking and is also useful as a warmer, to hold foods until ready to serve. You can cook any vegetable or root, as well as meats in the basket, while you are boiling potatoes or rice in the pot beneath. If you season the water or use broth, it is very aromatic and permeates the food in the steam basket providing delicious flavor.



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