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Steamed Corn on the Cob

October 25th, 2017 09:00:00 am

Steamed corn on the cob in our book is actually Vapor Cooked Corn on the Cob, in our Titanium Cookware, using the lid and NO WATER. Why is this important? Because when you cook your corn (or any vegetable) in water, you lose 49% of the water soluble vitamins. When you steam above water, you lose 25% of your water soluble vitamins. But when you vapor cook it, you lose a mere 2%. So the vegetables will retain their nutrition and flavor. It is also super fast and easy because you're using your everyday cookware and not having to lug out equipment.


Fresh Corn On The CobVapor Cook Corn

So, to get started, simply rinse your corn. You can leave it in the husk, or remove it, whatever you prefer. I think the husk adds a neat looking presentation on the plate particularly if you are serving it with BBQ ribs or hamburgers. Pre-heat your pan to Low (so just get it warmed up a bit, not hot). Now put the rinsed corn into your Titanium Pan. A few droplets of water are good as they allow you to see when it's hot, once the lid is on.  


Here I am using the European Square Casserole. In this pan you can line up many cobs of corn, and it's square shape allows several rows. But, you can also stack them atop one another in a round pan because our lids are nicely domed. Any piece you have that will fit your corn will do!


Now just add the lid. Your heat, again should be on Low... on my cooktop that is about a 3. Once you see the moisture develop on the lid, set your timer for 5 minutes. You can smell the vapor near the subtle glass lid vents as it becomes the sweet smell of corn. You don't want to leave it too long because corn really just needs to be "warmed" to taste perfect. If you over-cook it, it becomes gummy or soggy. It should be crisp and flavorful using this timing.  Butter and serve!


You can also turn the burner off and leave the steamed corn on the cob there while getting ready to serve. Remove it from the hot burner and leave the lid on. It's an excellent warming plate.

Steamed Corn On The CobDelicious Corn




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