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Scratch & Dent Sale

9" Soup
Scratch & Dent Sale

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Unfortunately in the freight shipping process and mishandling by customs... our gorgeous cookware can become damaged or scratched. We will not sell it if not perfect, without disclosing to our customer that there is a minor imperfection. Rest assured that everything in this category has only very slight cosmetic damage. There is nothing that would affect cooking performance, merely appearance. The scratches are so slight it is difficult to even photograph them and they would not likely be noticed. See if there is anything in this category that you might want ... as it is nicely discounted due to the imperfections. They won't last long!


These probably won't last long, and I will remove them as they sell. The slightly damaged/scratched items I have currently include:

  • 9" Soup Pot: 9" or 24cm diameter, 5" deep; 5 QTs
  • 8" Frying Pan: 8" or 20 cm diameter; 2" deep
  • 13" Frying Pan: 13" or 32cm diameter, 2" deep (there are a total of 3 of these available)

(Note: With such a generous sale... this offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or coupons.)



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