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PDFWhat You Need To Know Before Buying Cookware: An article by Heather Barnett from SheKnows.com


PDF Heavy Metals Leaching Test: A document/chart assessing various metals and surfaces, and what they leach.


PDF Harmful Teflon Chemical To Be Eliminated by 2015: A Washington Post article detailing the fines imposed upon DuPont for their Teflon coating that the EPA has deemed a carcinogen. This article is called "Canaries in the Kitchen" because the caged canaries in the subject's kitchen died from the fumes while the Teflon pan was merely being pre-heated.


PDFIron and Brain Degeneration: A research artcle from Life Extension (lef.org) indicating proof that iron causes brain degeneration in men.


PDFTypes of Cookware Dangers: An article published in NaturalNews titled "Is Your Cookware Killing You?" reviewing the various types and choices of cookware and their related downside. It summarizes the benefits of Titanium.


PDFAutoImmune Disorders: A pictoral chart indicating how metals in our bodies cause inflammation which trigger disease.


Comparison between Titanium Cookware Collection and Saladmaster: This is provided simply because we get asked literally daily, so we pulled together our list. It is not comprehensive and we encourage you to do your own research as well because things change over time. For example, Saladmaster is Regal Ware, who also owns Lifetime, but who recently broke away several cookware lines to Americraft.  


What is 316Ti?



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