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Oven Veggies

January 13th, 2022 12:42:00 pm

Sometimes we need a change of pace with our vegetables if we often prepare them the same way for example, steamed or vapor cooked. Last night I decided to do Oven Veggies for a new taste.  I grabbed my versatile Baking Sheet which you can see here. I put some Avocado Oil on the pan surface (not because it is needed, but because I like the added flavor). Avocado Oil has a high smoke point so it's perfect for this type of application. You can, of course, do this same recipe without using any oil at all and the food will not stick to the surface.


I started with my favorite peppers. They have a mild flavor and are so delicious roasted. I added the carrots at this point as well, since they take a bit longer to cook than some of the other vegetables that are more delicate.  Roast these for a bit, then add some more of your other favorites. I added red cabbage, broccoli, and bell peppers. It would be great with cauliflower and green beans if you have them on hand. Add a dash of your favorite seasoning and continue to roast. 

It's so simple we can't really call it a recipe. It's more of an idea to get your creativity flowing when it's time to make dinner! Believe me, these taste as amazing as they look. Roast to your desired level of doneness and enjoy them alone, or over a bed of rice or quinoa. I also love to add a dolop of mashed avocadoes on top, to give it an extra flair of fresh flavor. Or a squeeze of lemon really gives it a pop. 


Our Oven Veggies need to be enjoyed with the vegetables you select and enjoy. Most any can be roasted like this. Make them tonight!



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