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Options to Microwaving: Is Microwaving Food Safe?

July 7th, 2016 01:51:00 pm

Let’s take a quick poll. Who is still using the microwave oven? I have to say, I was a bit astounded when I started getting answers to this… in the yes category. I haven’t turned mine on (for microwaving) for the past 6 years. I use it as a fan/vent (since it’s over the cooktop), a night light and a timer, and it’s a great clock face too. Undoubtedly it looks more attractive than a big empty space above my stovetop. Mine has a convection feature, which is handy during the holiday and is activated without the microwave portion, so that still gets some play now and then. 



So maybe you are saying, but it’s quick, it’s convenient, and how else would I prepare my food? I am hoping to offer some viable suggestions next… But first let’s chat about change. It’s scary. In order to face the fear of change, there needs to be excellent pay-off on the other side of change. Oh boy have I got pay-off for you!


How about benefitting from the enjoyment of the most tasty, flavor-filled, unaltered food you can experience? Food that is nourishing your body with the vitamins and enzymes it needs.


  • Microwaving decreases the nutritional value of food 60-90%
    • Instead, when you cook your food with vapor using our cookware with the special lid, you are depleting a mere 2% of your water-soluble vitamins. This greatly impacts the flavor of your food, but of course the benefit you receive from eating it. Read more about that HERE.
  • Microwaving destroys enzymes in your food
    • Instead, when you vapor cook you are not destroying the enzymes, making your digestive health much stronger.
  • Microwaves convert certain trans-amino acids into their synthetic cis-isomers 
  • Microwaves require you to use plastic or other synthetic material, in combination with heat.
  • A combination of foods containing fat, high-heat and plastics releases dioxins into the food. Dioxins are carcinogens and highly toxic to the cells of our bodies.


I could go on about what you are compromising when you touch the “Start” button on the microwave, but instead I’m going to move on to solutions. Hopefully you will do your own research and consider saying goodbye to your microwave and hello to vapor cooking stovetop. Vapor cooking stovetop is downright liberating. I really enjoy cooking with this method. It’s fast, simple, easy and creates delicious results that are healthy for you and your family. You get to use what you already have on hand (provided you own at least one piece of Titanium Cookware Collection's pans).  So here is the scoop in a nutshell:

  1. It is hand-cast, meaning it's a solid body of metal. But not just any metal. Aluminum. Aluminum is an amazing heat conductor. It gets hot super fast, and retains heat. As a result, your water will boil super fast.
  2. When you add our borosilicate cover, that is made specifically for our cookware, it will cook the foods contained within in record time. Half the amount of time it takes in the conventional oven.
  3. Your food will be moist and unchanged structurally. Your nutrients will be locked in. The flavor will be intact and amplified. 
  4. And while we're going there, you don't need a crockpot either. The cooking process is so fast with Titanium using the lid, there is no need to slow cook all day and worry about what is leaching from that device. See this review from a customer who forgets to defrost or prep for meals early, HERE
  5. Eating whole foods cooked gently at low temperatures will give you the most benefit.
  6. Bottom line, convenience comes with a price. It can either be the price of eating food that was compromised in the cooking process, or the price of a piece of Titanium Cookware.

Go from raw to perfectly al dente in minutes, stovetop, using the lid. 



Additional information and supporting comments in this article are referenced from Life Science Publishing and Nourishing Traditions. You can also look on Mercola.com for a lot of info on this topic.[i] [ii]









[i] Essential Oils Desk Reference: Life Science Publishing; 6th Edition; pages 486-491


[ii] Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats: Revised Second Edition; Sally Fallon with Mary G. Enig, Ph D.; pages 356, 422, 424, 523.



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