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Nonstick Baking Sheet

February 11th, 2016 09:30:00 am

If you bought our flat grill pan, remember, you can also use it as a nonstick cookie sheet. Here I have baked cookies and biscuits on my nonstick baking sheet, and did not have the need to use parchment paper or silicon baking sheets.

I have never liked the idea of heating anything like silicon, as I fear off-gassing from those products. With the Titanium surface, I don’t have to worry about that. And since nothing will stick to it, I do not have to grease or flour my pan. It is an excellent time saver.

And, you can see that you can also use it under the broiler for asparagus or roasting nuts, or on the stovetop across two burners to make pancakes. Or faux “deep fry” tacos or quesadillas. If you want a “fried taste/look” it takes just a tiny bit of oil to achieve that, without dousing or soaking your food in oil. Functional right?!

I hope you try our nonstick baking sheet and benefit from the amazing versatility of this product.



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