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Non Stick Cookware

June 4th, 2013 03:29:00 pm


You can’t usually get Non Stick and High Quality corresponding into the same product. Until this..... non stick cookware


You may tire of purchasing the latest in non stick cookware, only to find that although it performs in the first 6 months, once you’ve scorched something in it, it no longer performs the same way again.


Then you experience the frustration of:

  • Foods that stick and you have to use oil to prevent sticking
  • Scrubbing and cleaning because even with the oil, things still adhere to the surface and “bake on”
  • You probably also wonder in the back of your mind if the stuff got into your food, leached, flaked


I wanted to find solutions, and I found them in high quality Titanium non stick cookware made in Germany where the standards are so much higher for manufacturing than those within our US borders. I also decided to import it, so that it would be accessible to my friends and family. And this is how Titanium Cookware Collection was born!


If you have never purchased a piece for yourself, you should try it out, even if you just get one simple frying pan. You won’t comprehend the performance until you’ve tried one in your kitchen.  **See note below. But the performance is only one thing to enjoy.  Waterless cooking is another very beneficial feature of this nonstick cookware. You can cook your vegetables with NO WATER. That’s right. With the lid in place, they cook to perfection without losing any of your water soluble vitamins to water or steam.  The fact is that if you cook your vegetables in water, you lose 49% of your water soluble vitamins. If you cook them in steam, you lose 25%. With this cookware and the “vapor oven” on the stovetop, you lose a mere 2%... Retaining 98% of your water soluble vitamins is a big deal when we are trying to eat our veggies and benefit from them properly.


In addition to the waterless cooker feature, you also enjoy cooking without added oils. You can cook virtually anything without oil. Eggs, popcorn, cakes. You can caramelize your onions to a crispy, sweet brown, without oil.


And yet another fabulous find, especially for those living in warm climates, is the fact that you don’t have to turn on your oven to do roasts, cakes, baking of any kind, whole chickens. Everything you do in the oven can be done stovetop using our vapor oven feature.  Not only is it all done stovetop, but in HALF THE TIME as it would take in the oven. You don’t have to heat up your house if you want to serve fresh baked cornbread with dinner. Pour the batter into your frying pan (no grease), add the lid and “bake” it on the stovetop in half the time it says on the package for oven baking. It will brown beautifully and flip right out onto your serving platter. I do a whole chicken in my roasting pot, stovetop, in 45 minutes, including all of the vegetables and potatoes I threw in during the last 15 minutes of cooking. The meat is moist and delicious and the nutrients are also sealed in.


Bottom line, German-made non stick cookware that uses a Titanium surface (not ceramic titanium or a blend) is the highest of quality. Although expensive, it will last a lifetime, which makes good business sense. If you tire of replacing your non stick cookware, try Titanium Cookware Collection’s line of performance cookware. The last pan you will need to buy!!


**Currently, we have a referral program. You can earn credits toward your own non stick cookware pieces, when others that you refer make purchases. Go to our website and send us a note and we will send you the details. It’s a quick way to get discounts on your purchases with us.



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