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Is Non Stick Safe?

March 6th, 2017 04:15:00 pm

Many people are learning about the dangers of chemical Teflon and are asking the question, Is Non Stick Safe?  The answer is simple... the right kind of nonstick is safe! You don't have to give up the awesome convenience of using nonstick cookware if you use safe nonstick cookware. A titanium surface is perfectly safe, because it leaches nothing, because Titanium is inert. And it is ideal because not only is it nonstick, it also allows you to prepare your food in a healthier manner. I like that nothing is added to my food that I didn’t intend.



Amaranth is a super healthy grain (well technically it's a seed) that is gluten-free, but very "sticky" when you cook it. No problem if using a titanium pot. See this universal pot here. I cook the Amaranth like you would quinoa. We enjoy it as a side dish with butter, or as a breakfast treat, with butter and a little maple syrup. It tastes delicious alongside eggs, but also chicken.


Amaranth packs some serious protein so it's worth working into your meal planning for the week. I make a fairly big portion and then refrigerate the leftovers so I can add it as a quick side. You can not-only cook it in the Titanium Nonstick Pot, but also easily re-heat it there -- all without any messy clean-up.




Here you can see I've also fried my morning egg in this Perfect Egg Pan. And I tossed some shishito peppers in with it and browned them gently to add some spicy pop to my breakfast. 


So, the next time that you are reading and the blogger or author is answering the question, "Is nonstick safe?", and indicates that nonstick cookware is not safe... take into consideration that there are viable options out there. Often those writers are sponsored and compensated for sales generated from their articles. So make sure you are getting a real and legitimate opinion, that hasn't been influenced by marketing dollars, but that has been well-researched excercising all options. That said, if you are reading this you have very likely found the premium quality safe nonstick cookware from Titanium Cookware Collection. Kudos on a wise decision!



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