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Induction Baking Sheet & Griddle

Induction Baking Sheet & Griddle

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Our Induction Nonstick Pancake and Breakfast Griddle doubles as a Nonstick Baking Sheet or Cookie Sheet, making it an incredibly versatile piece of cookware. You can do pancakes and eggs without oil. You can bake on it in the oven without the need to grease or flour your pan. 


Cook your favorite breakfast foods on this tray, or even potatoe latkes without oil. When you use this across two burners on your stovetop, do not worry that one burner is large and the other small. It won't matter because your 2 Burner Sheet Pan will heat evenly across both burners due to it's solid hand-cast construction. It will be as hot on the outer edges as it will be where the actual burner is under it. 


Use it in the oven too, for baking cookies, biscuits and seed crackers without oil. You will no longer need the chemical silicone disposable baking sheets or parchment paper.


 You will find many uses for this terrific sheet-style pan. If you want to use oil, do so, but if you are trying to cook without heating oils, you can brown foods beautifully without it, with our Titanium surface. This is suitable on your cooktop, in your oven, and even on your outside gas grill! As always, with our high quality titanitum surface, clean up is a breeze. Wipe it clean with a paper towel. Here we have browned French Toast, without using any oil or butter.





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