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How To Roast Hatch Chiles

September 25th, 2018 09:49:00 am

Hatch Chile Season is upon us once again. I was selecting the extra hot ones at my local market and another shopper asked me how to roast hatch chiles and easily get the skin off. Most people traditionally will use saran wrap and or aluminum foil, but if you are a regular of my blog, you know that I would never add the toxins into my family meal by introducing heat to plastic wrap... and foil. So there is an easier, chemical-free, and more sustainable method I will show you in this blog. I make this super simple so you can actually roast these without an outdoor grill. Here I made a cheesy and delicious side dish with the hatch chili peppers. But there are tons of different ways you can use them, once you roast and remove the outer skin. The flavor is incredible!


I start by cleaning my hatch chiles. I just slice them open and remove the seed pod at the inside stem area. Then I rinse them well. For roasting, I am going to use the Titanium Grill Pan. It is very useful for indoor roasting / broiling because it has a removeable handle! But thanks to that removeable handle, you can also use this effectively on an outdoor grill.  See the indoor grill pan here.

Select Hatch Chiles

Layer your chiles into the pan and put them under the broiler with the handle removed from the pan. They will blister quickly. Turn them and blister the second side as well. Now turn off the broiler, and put them on the cooktop. Put the burner on very low heat and add the lid. This is now steaming or vapor cooking the skin. It will loosen the skin in just a few mintues. Notice how the vapor builds on the lid. The smell is wonderful as it gets nice and moist in the pan. This lid method replaces the saran wrap method most people use, to loosen the skin. After about 5 minutes, remove the lid and turn the burner off. I like to let them cool at this point, so that I can easily handle them.

Once cooled, simply slide the skin off of each chili. Start at the base and work your way up, it should peel or slide off quite easily.

Now layer them back into the same pan for a casserole style side dish. You can also easily snap the pan handle back into place so that you can move this to another burner, or put it into the oven for warming or baking. I simply layered cheese and diced jalepenos, added the lid, and in a few minutes it was melted and ready to enjoy. You can do multiple layers and use chicken for a more hearty entree, or just cheese like I've done here. The best part is, with your Titanium Cookware, you can simply slide this cheesy, yummy food right out of the pan onto the serving plate. No soaking or scrubbing. Nothing is stuck to the pan. And it can go from broiler to stovetop, to oven, without a problem.

Enjoy learning how to roast hatch chiles without having to use an outdoor grill! Explore the many ways to enjoy these delicious chiles while they are in season. They freeze well too!





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