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Chili Pepper Recipes

September 25th, 2015 01:27:00 pm

Hot Chili Peppers are not only a beautiful pop of color on your dinner plate, rather they also add just the right spicy zest to make a regular dinner spectacular. Our garden is brimming full of them right now, so this is more of a reminder to utilize them (than it is a recipe).  Wash a variety of types of chili peppers. Heat your Titanium Frying Pan. In this example I used the 9" inch frying pan pictured here.

chili pepper recipes


Next you have a choice. Oil or no oil. I wish to consume coconut oil each and every day. So I added some coconut oil to the pan and got it nice and hot. If you do not want the added oil, just get the pan hot. Add your chill peppers and roast them, tossing and turning until they have become slightly blistered. This is what brings that flavor out and will also give it a slight crunch. This will work great with or without oil in our Titanium Cookware Collection pans. 


Peppers give your metabolism a nice boost so feel good about eating them. Serve and enjoy.

hot peppers as a side dish


It is pictured here as a side dish to a mini meatloaf and a red beet and onion salad. Enjoy this or any other Chili Pepper Recipes this season. Just don't forget to eat them while they are abundant! 



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