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Healthy Popcorn

July 18th, 2013 06:00:00 pm

Start by purchasing corn kernels that are organic, non GMO. Heat your Titanium Pot and add the kernels, and the lid. That’s correct. No oil. Just the kernels, the lid and the heat!

 Healthy Popcorn

Once you hear and see them begin to pop, watch closely. As the popping slows… remove the pan from the heat and turn the popped corn into a metal or glass bowl.popcorn


Next, add flavor by using infused olive oil… I use Chipotle Chili infused olive oil which gives my corn a wonderful spicy flavor. Then add just a bit of Sea Salt or a No-Salt Seasoning if you prefer. Remember that when olive oil is heavily heated, it degrades, oxidizes and partially hydrogenates, creating harmful trans fats.  


On the other hand, olive oil that has not been exposed to high heat, is excellent for your health and is a very digestible fat. It takes only a small drizzle to add that extra punch of flavor to your popped corn.


Truly, this will be the most delicious fresh popped corn you have ever tried! If you’ve wondered if popcorn is a healthy snack, you won’t have to question it any longer. You will know exactly what you are serving your family… a whole grain food and olive oil! My family prefers it hands-down to the chemical and oil variety.


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