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Gluten Free Breadsticks

October 13th, 2016 03:39:00 pm

These cauliflower gluten-free breadsticks satisfy the bread craving! Really they do. No glutens and very low in carbs, they are the ultimate substitution for a bread fix at dinner, but are made with healthy cauliflower instead.


cauliflower gluten free breadsticksINGREDIENTS:

4 cups of vapor-cooked cauliflower (one large head)

4 eggs

2 cups mozzarella cheese

3 tsp oregano

4 cloves garlic, minced

1 to 2 cups more of mozzarella cheese for topping

Salt and pepper to taste



Preheat the oven to 425 F.  Vapor cook the cauliflower in your Titanium Pot (see here) or Titanium Sauce Pan.  Just rinse it, and put it into the pot and add the lid. Set the burner to really low heat. Soon you will see the moisture develop on the lid. Start you timer at that point and let it vapor cook on low heat for about 15 minutes (or until a knife inserts easily into it).  Put the cooked cauliflower with the next 4 ingredients into a food processor and pulse gently with some salt and pepper to taste. You want it just riced, but not too fine. 

Vapor Cook CauliflowerProcess

Now you can form this "dough" into breadsticks on your Titanium Baking Sheet, or form it into pizza crusts that you can cut later into pieces. Either works great. See the Titanium Baking Sheet (here). You don't have to do anything to prepare this baking sheet. Nothing will stick to it. See the progress below as they get nice and golden brown. Bake them for about 25 minutes. Once golden, sprinkle with the remaining cheese and put back into the oven for another 5 minutes to melt the cheese.



Gluten Free Breadsticks

 These will not be soggy as it might seem. They are firmly held together by the cheese and the eggs. They are delicious!

Gluten free breadsticks won't disappoint. Throw some in the oven tonight! 










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