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Fish and Fritters

May 30th, 2020 01:52:00 pm

Use your Titanium Cookware Collection Baking Sheet, in the oven and on the stovetop to make this delicious meal of Fish and Fritters and Zucchini.  The Baking Sheet (see it here) is so versatile and offers such easy clean-up.  This "recipe" is more of the ones you all ask for which is assembly more than cooking. All you need is a piece of fish, fresh or frozen, some sweet potato tots or regular ones, and a zucchini. Boom. Dinner in 25 minutes. I preheated the oven and put the fritters into the oven first as they take longer. After 25 minutes I added the fish to the same pan and put it back into the oven. If fresh... it will be quick and will depend on the thickness of your fish. If frozen, it is still quick and took 10 minutes with this frozen cod I am using.  Note that when using this pan, your fish will cook more quickly as it gets really hot. 

Fish and FrittersFish and Fritters and Zucchini

When I added the fish to the pan, I turned the Fritters so they would get nice and crispy on all sides. For the zucchini, I like to slice it longwise as shown here, because then you have less pieces to turn!  Add a sprinkle of  herbs de provance to lightly season it. I also added a bit of salt and pepper. I put the pan across two burners on the stove top and put them both on medium heat. Then I just "fried" them on this hot surface. You won't miss the breading and deep fried taste, because this is not only a healthier way to eat zucchini... but we like it better. You taste the zucchini, not the fried breading.


We hope you enjoy the simplicity of this meal of Fish and Fritters and Zucchini. Keep in mind that you only have one pan to clean afterwards, making it that much more enjoyable. 

Happy and Healthy Cooking!



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