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European Square Casserole

European Square Pan
European Square Casserole

This casserole pan is square in shape, and your burner is round. Problem? No problem!  


We have offered the square non-stick pans since 1999. Our cookware features even heat distribution so it will be as hot on the corners and edges, as it is in the center. The European Casserole dish is 3" deep (same as the SAUCE and CASSEROLE pans), but it's square shape offers additional space. Versatility is its best feature. You can put a casserole in this pan, lid on, into the oven. But, you can also fry hamburgers in it stovetop. The lid allows you to vapor cook stovetop, gently preparing stuffed peppers, corn on the cob, or an egg quiche!


The 11" x 11" square shape gives you more space for 4 pancakes, 4 hamburger patties, 4 cobs of corn and so on... The lid allows you to vapor cook quickly and efficiently. It will cook your corn in 40 minutes with wonderful grill marks... it will bring the internal temperature of your meats to temp quickly without high heat. No oil is needed to brown beautifully. All lids and handles are oven-safe up to 450 degrees, and the grill pan has a removable handle for under the broiler.


Square Pan, 6.3 QTs, 3" inches deep: $429.

Square Pan, 8.4 QTs, 4" inches deep: $489.

Square Pan, 2" inches deep with grill ridges and removable handle for use under a broiler: $329.

Stuffed Pepper in Square Euro Casserole

See a demonstration of this product in the video below:


Often purchased together are all three Euro Square Pan pieces. Consider adding these two to complete your set, sharing the same lid:

  • The Grill Pan is 2" deep (same as a FRYING pan). The lid is domed in shape to offer the ability to put a LOT of food into either piece, using the Vapor Cooking feature.
  • The Euro Square Roasting Pot is 4" deep (same as our ROASTING pots). Extra deep sides. 
  • The set can be found HERE.



















Note: Purchase a matching lid to create your vapor oven on the stovetop. The same lid fits all three pans featured here....


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