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Crock Pot Without Lead

January 29th, 2016 09:29:00 am

If you have been seeking to find a crock pot without lead, or just looking for a crock pot replacement, search no more.  Titanium Cookware Collection offers  large roast and soup pots that can fit the bill efficiently and effectively.


You may have concerns about your current crock pot… where was it made? Is there lead leaching into my food from the ceramic while it is hot all day? Was it made in China of unknown materials?


Personally, I had all of those questions, and so I stopped using my crock pot. But I still enjoy slow-cooking meats all-day, making 2-day bone broth, and everything I had normally done using the crock pot. How? By using my Titanium Pots.

Crock Pot ReplacementSlow Cooking Stovetop

These pots have a safe leach-free surface that will not even react to acidic foods. I can leave these pots on the back burner on low heat for days, with the lid on, without a problem. The lids are specially vented to manage themselves without rattling or building up too much steam.  You are able to do slow-cooking, stovetop, with the cookware you already have. And I love the reassurance that Titanium is the second hardest metal, so my food is only in contact with it and the durable surface it creates. Titanium is inert. It will not be absorbed by the body as other heavy metals do. That is why it is used in medical applications such as tooth implants and hip replacements. So nothing is leaching into the food while it slow cooks. I feel safe using this also because this cookware is hand-cast in Germany, where quality manufacturing takes place with quality materials.


The other really helpful thing about this cookware and the topic of crock pots is... you can cook so swiftly using our vapor cooking method, stovetop, that you really don't need to leave something "stewing" all day. After work, I put a whole chicken in my titanium pot, apply the lid and in 45 minutes it is succulent, moist, flavorful. So I use the crock pot method for bone broth, but mostly I vapor cook these foods stovetop instead. 


Also, if you have a gas stove, you should not leave it lit and leave the house. The solution? Get a small electric burner like one of these and use your titanium pot on it instead:

Slow Cooker Burner


So if you have decided that it is time to ditch your old crock pot and find a suitable replacement that is lead-free, leach-free, and worry-free, a simple solution is Titanium Cookware. Our Roast Pots are 4 inches deep, and our Soup Pots range from 5 to 7 inches in depth.  No need to buy another kitchen gadget. Simply slow cook stovetop. Or, vapor cook stovetop in half the time it takes in the oven as another alternative. See how to vapor cook here.


A crock pot replacement (crock pot without lead) is as simple as bringing out your Titanium Pot and putting it on the back burner on low heat. Walk away and forget about it. How simple is that?!



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