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Cooking Without Oil using your Titanium Frying Pan

November 1st, 2018 01:55:00 pm

If cooking without oil is a goal of yours, you can easily do so with the help of a Titanium Frying Pan. In fact, there are unlimited delicious meals you can make using only a frying pan and its lid (that creates a vapor oven on your stovetop, and is also a waterless cooker). From frying eggs, to stir frying veggies, to browning breaded fish, to hamburger patty's ... we've got the pan for the job.

Fry Eggs Without OilBrown Fish Without Oil

People have many reasons to choose to cook without oil, whether it is for weight loss and caloric restriction, or overall artery and heart health. After all, oil has 120 calories per tablespoon and is 100% fat. It also is thought to decrease endothelial function because it constricts the blood flow by 32% after a meal, injures the endothelial cells and triggers plaque build-up (atherosclerosis).


If any of these things are top of mind… rest assured that you can still easily prepare delicious meals without oil, as long as you have a good quality and reliable frying pan and oven-safe lid.


If you are not worried about getting something “browned or crispy,” the simplest and most healthy way to prepare virtually anything in your titanium frying pan is to use the lid and vapor cook. This will cook the food inside fast, but allow you to use very low heat, making it the healthiest choice. In addition, the moisture will be locked in with the food, so you won’t have to worry about anything sticking, as long as you are using top quality titanium pans.

Vapor Cook Chicken BreastsArtichoke Vapor Cooked Waterless

To use this method for meat, simply put the seasoned cut of meat into the pre-heated pan, and add the lid. You will see moisture forming on the lid. After a few minutes, turn the meat and re-apply the lid.  You will find that whether this is a chicken breast or a hamburger patty, or a steak, it will be moist and delicious and cooked through in no time.


To use this method for vegetables, simply rinse the vegetable or starch and put it into the titanium frying pan, cold. Add the lid and turn the heat to low. Do not add water, and do not pre-heat. You will see moisture form on the lid. Eventually you will smell the scent of cooked vegetables, squash, potatoes, it works with everything. 98% of your water soluble vitamins will still be intact using this method, so you will note that there will be substantially more flavor to your food. I find I rarely have to season my vegetables after cooking them with this method, because it brings out the flavor that is in the vegetable itself, so much so that it would spoil it to add anything. The sweet potatoes do not need added butter as they are super moist and delicious when cooked this way. The beets will be sweet and will stand alone as an amazing sided dish served warm or cold. 

Sweet Potatoes Vapor CookedVapor Cooked Beets

If on the other hand, you are feeling in the mood for something crispy and browned… no problem. Your titanium frying pan can accomplish this for you as well, again, without using oil. To brown meats or fish, or even eggplant… simply pre-heat your pan so that it will sizzle when the meat touches the surface. Brown it to your desired level. It will not stick to the surface of this cookware.

Fried Fish Without OilMeatloaf

Beautifully Browned Eggplant

Other things you might want to brown, but more gently are your delicious morning pancakes or french toast! I love making these oil-free cassava pancakes, or adding fruit like fresh peach or bananas. Again, they simply will not stick to the surface, but will offer you a beautiful brown hue as long as you pre-heat the pan.

Pancake browned without oil

Another option is the stir-fry in your titanium frying pan. You can actually do this without any oil or anything at all, but sometimes I enjoy adding a liquid such as coconut aminos, or vegetable broth, or balsamic vinegar … to introduce some element of change in an effort to keep mealtime interesting. Of course, just chop your chosen vegetables, and toss them into a pre-heated pan. Keep them moving if you’re using high-heat, or add the lid to make them tender more quickly, stirring occasionally in between.

Vegetable Stir Fry

Using your Titanium Frying Pan for cooking without oil is not at all scary and is not going to send you to the 'soak and scrub' zone. It will perform beautifully and wipe clean easily.



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