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General Cookware Use

The information below will get you started using your new cookware. For additional recipes to try... see my BLOG under RECIPES. You will love adding fun variety to your everyday meals with these simple and healthy recipes. 



  • Make sure you bring you pan to appropriate levels of heat before cooking. This is what helps it become "slippery". You can test it by putting some water into the pan. If it disperses, your pan is not ready. If it balls and rolls when you swirl, it is ready.

  • While cooking, it is recommended to put the lid on, for fast and thorough results.

  • If you see steam escaping, then lower the heat.

  • Any type of oil or fat is fine to use and should be used sparingly. Never use cooking sprays.

  • Always clean after each use with soapy warm water while pan is still warm, so no fatty residue will build up on the pan. Don't be afraid to scrub your pan with the green side of the sponge/scrubber and soap to make certain you have not left residue on the surface.

  • Any type of sharp metal utensil may mark the pan, but will not affect the performance - only the appearance. Metal scratches metal.

  • Determine if your vegetables are done two ways (without lifting the lid and losing vapor)   1) look through the glass lid and note color changes... broccoli brightens for example and artichokes darken. 2) note the delicious smell that happens just as they are cooked... the aroma coming from the subtle vents around the lid changes dramatically!



Use any pan you have purchased from us with our lids, to enjoy Vapor Cooking Stovetop. You don't need to use your oven, and you will accomplish cooking in half the amount of time it takes in an oven. You can make an entire meal stovetop in your new collection.... BUT, the cookware, handles and lids are indeed oven-safe for traditional baking.



Scrambled Eggs or Omlette: Bring your pan to heat (see bullets below). Add scrambled eggs and the lid if  want a moist omelette, or without the lid and flip midway through.


Poached Eggs: If you do not like your egg to brown at all or get crispy edges, try poached. Bring about 3/4 inch water to light bowl in the bottom of your fry pan. Crack your egg into the water. Apply the lid and in a couple of minutes... poached to perfection.


Fried eggs: Since there is zero moisture/fat in the white of the egg, just put some oil on a paper towel and lightly brush the pan surface. Crack the egg onto the warm/hot pan and flip when you prefer. If you do not want to brush the surface with a small wipe of oil, then apply the lid to maintain some moisture.

Hard-boiled Eggs: Do not pre-heat pan. Put a very moist paper towel, folded, in the bottom of your Universal Pot. Add a very small layer of water... just enough to see. Add one or as many eggs as you wish. Cover with the lid. Cook on high for 14 minutes (You will need to experiment with this time depending on the heat of your stovetop. If you have a gas stove this time may be as low as 8 minutes). Transfer immediately to a bowl of ice water to cool. They will peel easily once chilled. This keeps your flavor and nutrients from being lost into the water!



Select your medley whether it is carrots, zucchini, purple potatoes, celery....

Always wash vegetables in cold water, and place them wet into a cold pan. Potatoes and vegetables are 80% water, allowing them to be cooked with no additional liquid. Cover and turn on the burner to medium high to high temperature (depending on your burner) until steam forms on the lid. When you see the vapor, turn the heat down to low.

Ten minutes for crisp, and 15 minutes for well done. (Broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms for 5 minutes).


WHOLE CHICKEN: Stovetop - 45 minutes

Preheat your pan on med-high. Clean chicken, season and put in pan, breast down. Brown, with the lid on, for 15 minutes. Drain fat. Turn the bird over, and repeat procedure for additional 15 minutes with the lid on. Then, add cut- up potatoes, carrots and onions and cover and cook for the remaining 15 minutes.



Preheat on high. Brown top, with lid on, for 15-20 minutes. Repeat for bottom side. Turn again, season, cover and cook on medium/low for additional minutes (depending on your personal taste). Add potatoes and vegetables during the last 15 minutes if desired. Note that your meat will not reduce in size as it does in the oven!


CHUCK POT ROAST: Stovetop!  (Instead of a crock pot or oven)

Get the roasting pan hot. For an 4.8 lb roast I use an 11" Roasting pot and it has plenty of room for two of them. Season and then sear 4 minutes to brown. Turn and add lid. (No need to add any water or oil). Turn heat down to low (2-3-4 depending on your stovetop). Steam should not be escaping out the sides. Set timer for: 1 hour and 20 minutes. Meat will be 160 degrees and cooked through! Shred to make BBQ Beef Sandwiches!


Preheat pan on medium-high heat. Wash meat, whole chicken or chicken pieces: dry and salt and pepper all sides. Do not add water or fat to pan (unless you want to). You can stack crowd it into the sauce pan, using the side walls... they will have as even heat as will the bottom of the pan, allowing you to brown your chicken quickly and cook a lot, all at once.

  1. Put meat or chicken in pan, skin side down.

  2. Brown all sides

  3. Reduce heat to medium; cover and allow to cook about 15 minutes per pound or until tender.

If using a meat thermometer:

Chicken: Internal temperature should be 185 F

Pork: Internal temperature should be 160 F

Beef: Internal temperature should be 140F for rare, 160 F for medium 170 F for well done.



Sauté anything you like... Onions, mushrooms, eggplant, squash, green tomatoes, corn, according to your taste. Apple slices, peach halves, pineapple rings, and other fruits can be sautéed to garnish meat dishes or to serve with other foods.

Since you don't need to use oil when cooking with this pan, you can add some back into the food by brushing it on in its healthier, raw state. This gives you the health benefits of the olive oil, and the added flavor.



Use the 8" or 9" frying pan. Prepare any cake batter according to normal instruction. With paper towel, lightly oil bottom and side of unit. (I have done this without the oil and it works perfectly so experiement with your batter.) Heat the pan to Med-High. Pour in cake batter, cover and turn heat to Low, 2-3 on my stove. Cook until the top of cake is has set or a toothpick comes out clean. Depending on the stove this can take from 15-30 minutes. Remove from heat and cool. Turn unit upside down on cake plate to remove cake.



Braise or stew all types of meats according to your favorite recipe.

  • Sear meats over medium-high heat until brown.

  • Add a small amount of water for braised meats or cover with water or broth when making a stew.

  • Cover and simmer slowly STOVETOP until tender.



Steam frozen vegetable quickly to save nutritive vitamins and minerals.

  • Simply put vegetables in cold pan; do not add water or fat. Put lid on.

  • Heat to medium and when steam appears, turn heat down to simmer.

  • 10 minutes for "al dente; 15 minutes, if softer texture is desired.



Minutes per pound

  • Chicken 15 mins

  • Roast (rare) 5 mins

  • Roast( medium) 10 mins

  • Roast (well done) 15-20 mins

  • Steak 5 mins

  • Fish filet 5-10 mins

  • Whole Fish 10-15 mins



Preheat on high. Brown to your liking (3 minutes) without lid. Turn off heat and cover. Steak or fish will continue to cook for 5 - 10 minutes. Or, it can be cooked for same time on medium/low uncovered.

  • Marinate a flank steak in fresh grapefruit juice or your favorite marinade overnight in a tightly covered container.

  • Place in hot preheated Titanium pan. Cook 7 - 10 minutes on 1 side; turn and cook an additional 7 minutes.

  • Season to taste with salt, pepper and herbs like thyme or rosemary. Slice thinly across the grain and serve.



Put the corn in the pan and add the lid. Turn the heat up to medium high and watch closely. When popping stops, quickly remove and pour into your bowl so you do not scorch. Now that you have made oil/fat free popcorn, simply drizzle with a healthy olive oil and sea salt.







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