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Cooking Sea Scallops and Acorn Squash

February 4th, 2013 06:00:00 am


 Cooking Sea Scallops

Cooking Sea Scallops is quick and easy to do, right on your stovetop. It produces a "gourmet-feel" meal with very little effort.


First, slice the Acorn Squash in half and scrape out the seeds. Put into the pre-heated Titanium pan with no water and add the lid and turn down the heat to med-low. This method will vapor cook it to perfection, maintain nutrients and flavor! Time it about 20 minutes. You will see the color change and the smell changes when ready. It should give easily when you poke it with a knife but you don’t want it mushy so make sure it’s still a bit firm.


Chop up 3 fresh garlic cloves and put them into your Titanium fry pan with a little coconut oil. Brown very slightly to bring the flavor fully out into the oil.  Add Sea Scallops into the pan with some butter and olive oil for flavor/sauce. Add herbal, no salt seasoning. Put the lid on and cook on med-low heat. Takes minutes…  Once you smell that yummy scallop smell and the glassy appearance is gone (probably 130 degrees), set it aside. You can add a bit of sea salt if you like.


Meanwhile, cook your Quinoa in boiling water. Strain and put into the bowls. Pour the scallops and sauce over the pasta. This is a very clean dish, not a lot of heavy sauce but very delicious. You can taste the scallops as they are not buried in sauce.

 Sea Scallops cooking

Roast some walnuts in your titanium pan, no oil. Put fresh spinach into the base of the acorn squash so it wilts from the heat. Drizzle some olive oil over the spinach and top with the roasted walnuts.


Your end result in cooking sea scallops is not only a gorgeous presentation, but delicious flavor for a meal that you will want to repeat over and over!

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