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Chickpea Patties Recipe

February 25th, 2016 09:30:00 am

This Chickpea Patties Recipe is great for meatless Monday, and can be served over a bed of greens, or on a bun for the hungrier crowd.  If you serve it over lettuce, it is wonderful with a dollop of sour cream mixed with chopped fresh garden herbs. If you serve it on a bun, a slather of hummus or horseradish sauce or the sour cream mixture would all be delicious and give it moisture.

chickpeaschickpea patties

I took the ingredients for the patties and gently pulsed them in my food processor so that it was chopped, but not mushy. Then I got my Titanium pan very hot so that I could gently brown the patties (without oil!). I formed them into patties and “fryed” them oil-less in my skillet.

browning without oil

It just doesn’t get much easier, or more delicious. Double-up the recipe and enjoy them as leftovers for breakfast. My next step was to go to the garden and clip some fresh herbs. I chose sage, marjoram, cilantro and oregano. I chopped them and mixed them with the organic sour cream. This is a favorite of mine. I use it on everything. 

garden herbs

As you are probably aware, this is a very hearty yet healthy bean to consume. You can double-up on the chickpea by slathering it with hummus too.



Patties: Panko bread crumbs (1/2 cup); organic garbanzo beans 15 oz can; cilantro, egg, chopped onion, salt/pepper.  


Let your creativity and personal taste preferences flow. Try horseradish; organic sour cream and chopped fresh herbs; organic hummus.  Any of these things would be delicious as a dollop on top or as a condiment on the burger. Use what you like or what’s available in the fridge.


We hope you make this chickpea patties recipe and make it your own with either a hummus or sour cream herb topping. And don’t forget that a leftover garbanzo bean patty makes an excellent breakfast!



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