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Casserole or Rondeau Pan

Casseroles Won't Stick
Casserole or Rondeau Pan

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Your Mom's casserole pans were strictly for baking in the oven. Fast forward to our hand-cast Casserole or Rondeau Pans that are excellent for cooking on the stovetop too! Use the lid to create a vapor oven and "bake" your potatoes stovetop. Fry in it. Roast in it... Our 'Stay-Cool Stovetop' Big Grip handles on both sides do not get hot on the stovetop, so no need for oven mitts, and they are short so they also don't get in the way of the other pans on the stovetop, creating much needed cooking space.  And, this pan goes from the stovetop to the oven without a problem! Lids and handles are both oven-safe.


Casseroles usually mean baked-on cheese and sauce... soaking and scrubbing. No soaking and scrubbing with our Titanium Rondeau Pans. You can bake in them either stovetop using the lid, or put the pan and lid into the oven. Either way, you will easily wipe it clean with a paper towel. Even if the cheese is on the bottom! Two big handles make it super easy to manage. And the quality design and workmanship makes it attractive enough to go straight to the potluck party or straight onto the table for serving. 


13" Rondeau; 5QT, 3" deep: $459.

Casserole Lid is Oven-Safe

In general, the Casserole/Rondeau models differ from the Sauce Pan models in that they have bigger 'Stay-Cool Stovetop' Big Grip handles on BOTH sides of the pan.  Neither handle gets hot stovetop. The SAUCE pans in contrast have one helper handle and one long handle as shown in the image on this page that compares the two side by side. Casserole/Rondeau pans are 3" deep (as are Sauce pans).


Titanium Casserole dishes have many uses and are especially suited for braising, frying, and steaming all dishes. The Casserole is the perfect choice for someone with less arm strength as the large handles offered on both sides of the pan make it very easy to pick up and even to pour sauces out of the pan. And, since niether handle gets hot on the stovetop, they are very convenient to use. These can go straight into the oven for one pot meals. Lids and handles are oven-safe.


'Stay-Cool Stovetop' Big Grip designer handle is oven resistant to 500° F. Patented grip mounting without screws and rivets within the cooking surface. This system was awarded the safety label of the TUV Rheinland. Thermobasic base is 8 mm (0.30in) thick. Reinforced pouring rim with opposing handle. Abrasion resistant, patented high-tech titanium coating process (Note: It has been established after thorough testing by the State Business Institute (LGA) Bavaria-Division Environmental Protection that: the inner seal fulfils the recommendation of the Federal Health Ministry (BGA) and thus corresponds to 31, par 1 of the Food and Domestic Articles Law, Germany.


Purchase a matching  lid in the same size, to create your vapor oven on the cooktop (lids sold separately except when purchasing a set).



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