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Brussel Sprout Recipe

March 4th, 2013 06:00:00 am

BRUSSEL SPROUT RECIPE  –  Prepared Healthy!

If you like brussel sprouts but find that sometimes they have a more harsh flavor that some members of the family might not enjoy, this is a brussel sprout recipe that will solve that issue! The roasted flavor added with the carmelized onions really make this a delicious side dish to compliment any entre.


Begin by washing and draining the brussel sprouts. On a cutting board, cut the hard end piece off of each one, and then slice the brussel sprout lengthwise. Pre-heat the grill pan on high. Add the brussel sprouts cut-side down into your Titanium Grill pan. This will allow you to achieve perfect grill marks and a wonderful roasted flavor. Turn the heat down to a 5/6 medium heat and add the lid to “vapor” cook them to perfection. Turn and grill the other side as well. If you like them soft, leave the lid on to cook through. If you like them crispy or more firm, leave the lid off for the final grilling of the second side. This whole process takes less than 5 minutes.


Meanwhile, sauté your onions to a nice light brown. onionsYou do not need any oil in the Titanium cookware to do this, but I added organic coconut oil (just one Tablespoon) for its health benefits and the delicious flavor it adds to this dish.


Add the roasted/vapor cooked brussel sprouts to the onions and sprinkle with garlic powder and sea salt and pepper to your liking. Mix it all up and serve next to any meat entre or salad.

 Brussel Sprout Recipe

This brussel sprout recipe is an amazingly simple yet delicious side dish, that is prepared in a very healthy manner. If you want to jazz it up for a change of pace…  add in your favorite crumbled cheese, bacon bits, panko bread crumbs, that will give it an extra crunch!

Brussel Sprouts and Onions



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