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BEETS Vapor Cooked and Clean up VIDEO

March 31st, 2014 07:16:00 pm

Enjoy Beets, Vapor Cooked. Watch this video to get a quick overview of how to vapor cook your vegetables-- waterless.. and clean up the pan quickly and easily. 


Here is a photo of the beets we grew this summer.

Beets Vapor CookedClean them and cut them into medium pieces. Put them into any of your Titanium Cookware pans and apply the lid. You can add a few droplets of water if you want to see steam fast. Set to low heat and set a timer. You know when they are done by the fabulous smell from the vapor escaping. Or, poke them with a fork. But don't lift the lid frequently as that vapor is what is cooking them so quickly. Try cooking vegetables with similar consistency together, so they finish around the same time, like carrots and beets, potatoes....


Beets, vapor cooked will add a new favorite to your menu and you will enjoy the easy clean-up.

Waterless Vegetables



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