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Artichoke Appetizer

February 13th, 2013 06:00:00 am

Making an rtichoke appetizer, particularly for guests, can seem like a scary process for someone without experience in artichokes. My husband is from back east and showed me how to conquer and enjoy this thorny vegetable.

Start by washing and trimming the sharp tips from the petals. Slice length-wise and remove the spiny parts from above the heart. It is best to do this first, while the artichoke is cold and you can work with it. The picture shows one trimmed clean and ready to cook/eat. Your guests will really appreciate that you took this extra step before cooking, so that they have a ready to eat treat. This makes the artichoke novice have an easier time of knowing what part is edible.This photo shows an un-trimmed and trimmed, ready to eat artichoke section. Artichoke trimmed


Put 1/4 inch water in the Titanium Pot or Sauce pan and bring to high heat. Put artichokes in--sliced side up. Apply the lid. Once steam forms on the lid (immediately), lower the heat to low-med and cook gently for 30 minutes (or less... test your stovetop).

You can see in the photo below, I used the 5QT Soup pot and piled 6 artichoke halves in there. I could have added more because the lid is domed and will accommodate a lot of food.


Test for doneness by piercing the base with a fork, which should give with no resistance. Serve with melted butter/garlic powder.


Each person gets half an artichoke in a shallow bowl, and a dipping cup of butter/garlic. They dig in and get their hands messy. Make sure to add an empty bowl on the table for the scraped petals. Great with a glass of red wine!

 Artichoke Appetizer

You can’t believe the flavor this style of Vapor Cooking provides. The flavor is locked in (not lost in water) and it is so fast!  Best yet, when they are done, you can wipe the pan clean with a paper towel for a very simple clean up. Enjoy using this delicious vegetable as an artichoke appetizer.



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