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Are You Cooking More?

March 26th, 2020 04:12:00 pm

Do you find yourself doing a LOT more cooking lately? Let us help you ease into the transition with the right equipment to make cooking and clean-up both quick and easy! Cooking is a pleasure (not a dreaded chore) with our titanium cookware collection making everything so much easier.


Take-out food can be very expensive, and you don't get to control the ingredients or the handling. It’s definitely healthier and less expensive to cook your own food.


We have product in stock and area shipping daily!


Are you struggling with what to make tonight? Want to break up the monotony of your usual line-up? Simply go to our site and search by ingredient and get some fresh ideas in meal planning.


Click the search "Magnifying Glass" symbol in the upper right corner next to the Shopping Cart image, and key in your search selection such as: “Chicken” or “Soup”. Under the Blog results, you will see recipe options to choose from.


OUR TIP OF THE DAY: Since many of us are now freezing food for future use... Try this amazing tip. If you have a loaf of french or sourdough bread and you don't want it to get stale, but you don't use the entire loaf at dinner... Simply wrap it and freeze it. Now, when you are ready to use it... Pull it out of the freezer. Put it into one of your Titanium Cookware Collection pans and apply the lid. Put the heat on the lowest setting. Soon it will gain a bit of moisture on the lid. Next thing you know, it will be like taking fresh baked bread out of the oven. Using the vapor cooking method, with super low heat, you are able to defrost it and warm it in the same pan stovetop. Unlike when using the oven, it will be moist, not dry! By the time dinner is served, the bread is ready to go to the table, piping warm and soft and ready for a slather of butter. Try it out!



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