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About Us -- Offering premium cookware since 1999


Many years ago I went on a mission to clean up my home, not so much physical cleaning and organizing, but rather from chemicals and toxins! Daily we are exposed to toxins, chemicals and impurities, and our bodies work hard fighting back to keep us healthy.


Following successful treatment for cancer, I decided that drastic changes were needed to break free from that barrage of inbound toxins, that have invaded the sanctuary of our home. Here is how the journey began….


Taking a look around I realized I needed to attack this room by room… This was not going to be done overnight. I decided that each piece I eliminated or changed meant that there was one less chemical I was exposed to, and this was a giant step in the right direction. I’ve realized that being aware of what chemicals are in my house is a BIG step in the right direction to ridding my house of toxins. 


Starting with the kitchen, my main focus was cookware. I wanted to eliminate Teflon and other cookware that had heavy metals that could leach into food (so I ruled out Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum and Ceramics). I eventually needed to take my cookware search outside of the boundaries of the US, and finally found what I was looking for in Germany. Titanium! Inert in the human body. Durable. Performs like nothing I’ve used before. Once I had used this cookware, I realized I HAD to bring it to the USA for it to be acquired more easily by others.


And Titanium Cookware Collection was born! It took a solid year to accomplish and build the business working on things like the logistics of importing the product, building the website and getting the word out. 


While building the concept of our cookware business, we thought about the people who would buy our quality, hand-cast product. And it seemed to start and end with respect. I was that person. I went to extremes to acquire that quality product for myself. So we realized that our audience consists of people just like us, with respect for quality. We decided that we would not overcharge, even though the demand is high. So we stuck to the idea of eliminating the middlemen, the markups, and the chain store mentality. And we made the process of buying our things simple, transparent and fair. Anyone, anywhere in the country can select, purchase and receive our products, right to their front door. And if they receive that product, touch and feel and hold it, and are not immediately convinced that it is exactly what they were seeking, we offer a full refund. We found out quickly that this was the best policy. Why? Because they LOVE it as much as I did. Instead of returning it in disappointment, they reach out for more! Hence the concept of “Collection.” We don’t force our customers to buy an entire set. They can select one piece at a time, adding to their collection of cookware as they see fit.  More about the "Distribution Concept" here.


Next we thought about our product. Cookware is something you use every day. You spend a lot of your life preparing food, not just for nourishment and to sustain life, but for something to savor and enjoy, something to share with others. People gather to eat, whether it’s the family sitting down to dinner, or a gathering of friends. So the cookware needs to be good, functional, and healthy! And not just good, but incredible, versatile and easy-to-use. And so it is! Browsing our website we hope you are able to gather the many features that make this the best cookware you will own. It’s not just about that incredible surface that makes it so easy to clean and maintain. But it’s also about the carefully designed features such as the handles that don’t get hot stovetop, the lids that allow vapor cooking stovetop at low temperatures, the bases carefully designed for even heat distribution, and the fact that pan, lid and handles can all go into the oven for traditional oven cooking/baking. So well-designed, in fact that you tell your friends about them, with enthusiasm!


We set out to make something better, bring a healthier, longer-lasting, quality product into the USA.  In doing so, we created an online presence with integrity, reliability, and sincere customer service. And that’s luxury we can all live with.  


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