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Titanium Cookware Collection
Experience Healthier Cooking

Titanium Cookware Collection

Quality Cookware is an investment. Why choose ours?


Our premium cookware has been in production since 1985... If you choose carefully, you should be able to hand your cookware down through the generations. With this cookware, you will.



Our titanium cookware comes with a 20-year Surface Performance Warranty and Lifetime Guarantee because these pans are solid cast, and finished with a titanium cooking surface that is second to none.








Seeking Cookware That Won't Warp?  


Your search is over.  At Titanium Cookware Collection, we have the best nonstick frying pan on the market, and we guarantee it won’t ever warp. When looking for cookware that won’t warp, it’s all about the construction of the pan. Our cookware is solid cast in a foundry in Germany, so it simply can’t warp.  It doesn’t  have “memory” of a previous shape to return to, because a solid cast pan is poured into a cast in the actual shape of the pan. This is in sharp contrast to layered clad (all-clad) or layered ply pans from the US market. Those pans started out flat and when they are subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations, they want to return to how they started, hence they warp. We are so sure our cookware will never warp, never change shape and will always sit firm and flat on your cooktop, that we offer a Lifetime Warranty on the workmanship of the pan!


Here are some images to give you a feel for our hand-crafted process and the precise skills of our craftsmen. 

Rigorous German Quality Control Standards


Each pot and pan has exceeded rigorous German quality-control standards. 

  • The cooking surface features an abrasion-resistant, patented, high-tech titanium coating process. It has been established after thorough testing by the German TÜV Rheinland Independent Technical Control Association "the inner seal fulfills the recommendation of the Federal Health Ministry (BGA) and thus corresponds to 31, par 1 of the Food and Domestic Articles Law, Germany." The aforementioned Food and Domestic Articles Law is per German Lebensmittel-, Bedarfsgegenstände- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch  (LFGB) – which is similar in comparison to the US FDA.


  • The technical characteristics / design of the cookware carries the prestigious German TÜV Rheinland Independent Technical Control Association Product Safety stamp of approval for durability and quality control, and also displays the stamp indicating it is Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS) (Tested for Safety). 


Yes, you will pay less for "Made in the USA or Made in China" cookware, but at those prices, you will never reap the benefit of high-performance, hand-cast cookware.  Additionally, if it says it is made in the USA, double-check where the metal is SOURCED from. Most are sourced out of China... Either way you pay for the quality you receive!  Since our cookware is Made in Germany, our manufacturing standards are stringent and therefore, produce a quality product that will endure the test of time and use! It is truly 'Cookware for the Connoisseur.'


Easy Clean Up, No Chemicals, No Sticking, & Energy Efficient


  • No sticking
  • No PFOAs
  • No need for oil or butter (cut down on fats!)
  • No need for water when cooking vegetables (don't lose nutrients!)
  • No need to use your oven (vapor cook on the stovetop!)
  • No time-consuming clean up (even scorched food wipes clean!)
  • No warping (even if you clean while hot)


If you are currently using a mass-marketed, mass- distributed cookware, you most likely have either toxic chemicals or heavy metals leaching into your food--or both!  Our cookware is made without toxic chemicals such as PFOAs. And the cast aluminum thermal-core is completely encased so you are not at all exposed to the aluminum which provides fast and even heat, but never comes into contact with your food. You also won't have to worry about nickel that leaches from Stainless Steel, or iron that leaches from Cast Iron.  


For a CLEAN cooking solution... we offer our Titanium Cookware Collection


Please take a moment to review our "Features Page." It will describe not only the details of how our cookware is made, but it will also outline how the design of each vessel is extremely well-thought-out, making it a pleasure to use daily in your home.



Compatible with ALL stovetops including Induction


If you're investing in new, quality cookware, make sure that it will perform on any and ALL types of stovetops and cooktops and hobs. We have heard from many frustrated consumers who purchased another brand, only to find out it won't heat on their new induction stovetop. New builds today generally feauture induction stovetops, and a lot of people have them in their campers and on their boats. Don't make the mistake of investing in cookware that only works some of the time. Have piece of mind that our premium product will work on every type of equipment out there. 



No Grease No Sticking No Scrubbing


What is Vapor Oven Stovetop Cooking?


Roast & Bake Without Your Oven


Cookware Selection Tips


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