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Titanium Cookware Collection...  Quality Cookware is an investment. Why choose ours?



We offer the best in non-stick titanium cookware!  If you choose carefully, you should be able to hand your cookware down through the generations. With our cookware, you can! Each pot and pan has exceeded rigorous German quality-control standards and won the prestigious German TUV independent Technical Control Association Product Safety stamp of approval for durability. That is why we offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty and 20-Year Surface Performance Warranty.








Yes, you may pay less for "Made in the USA or Made in China" cookware. If it says it is made in the USA, double-check where the metal is SOURCED from. Mostly, China... Either way you pay for the quality you receive! Our cookware will remain "non-stick" indefinitely, even after you burn or scorch something in it. Our manufacturing standards in Germany are stringent and therefore, produce a quality product that will endure the test of time and use!



Easy  Clean Up, No Chemicals, No Sticking, Energy Efficient!

  • No Sticking

  • No PFOAs and PTFEs

  • No Heavy Metals

  • No need for oil or butter (cut down on fats!)

  • No need for Water when cooking vegetables (don't lose nutrients!)

  • No need to use your oven-use (vapor cook on the stovetop!)

  • No Time-consuming clean up (even scorched food wipes clean!)

  • No Warping (even if you clean while hot)

  • No Ceramic (which is glass and can emit lead into food)

If you are currently using a mass-marketed, mass- distributed cookware, you most likely have either toxic chemicals or heavy metals leaching into your food--or both!


Our cookware is made without toxic chemicals such as PFOAs, PTFEs, PFCs (such as the name brand TEFLON).  Our cookware also does not leach heavy metals since titanium is totally inert in the human body and used in medical applications such as hip replacements and tooth implants. You won't have to worry about nickel that leaches from Stainless Steel, or iron that leaches from Cast Iron, or lead that leaches from glass and ceramic.  You will instead cook on a clean and harmless surface!



No Teflon in 2015  No Teflon in 2015:


All Teflon coated pans are coming off the market in 2015! Why?

DuPont, who makes Teflon and other non-stick coatings, has been evaluated by the EPA... their product, consists of nasty chemicals that cause cancer and other illnesses, and even kill pet birds. All you have to do is heat the pan, and you are exposed. The EPA fined them millions and has ordered the Teflon coatings to be removed from the market by 2015.


Other companies utilize Ceramic for their non-stick surface, or a Ceramic-Titanium blend (in order to be able to use the word "titanium" in their marketing).  This means they need to use a glue to adhere the ceramic coating to the metal base. That will be a Dupont product, PTFE-based.


Since our cookware is metal-on-metal, no adhesive is required, just high-heat from the patented process mentioned below under "Accept Only the Original."


For a CLEAN cooking solution... we offer our Titanium Cookware Collection.


These pans are indeed non-stick but they DO NOT have a Teflon coating. Instead, they have a titanium surface that is totally safe. Titanium is inert in the human body, which is why it is used for hip replacements and dental implants.


Metal-on-metal does not require a "glue" such as PFOA/PTFE and other chemicals. Our cookware is safe and toxin-free!


Accept only The Original:

Titanium Cookware Pan Handle

Watch out for the knock-offs... Replicas that call themselves Titanium are on the market already, and some are actually the next phase of Dupont's coatings which are equally as dangerous (they know it will take another 20 years to prove it). These knock-off's can call themselves "titanium cookware" but they are not. The "coating" on those pans will wear off and stop performing.


To be certain that you are purchasing the Titanium Cookware Collection original cookware that is hand-cast in Germany... look for the 3 dots on the handle...

  • Process: Patented High Tech Titanium surface application (patent DE-3604762C2) is a high-tech process that is patented. The titanium ultra-surface finish is applied to the frying surface of our products at twice the speed of sound.  Note: It has been established after thorough testing by the State Business Institute (LGA) Bavaria-Division Environmental Protection that: the inner seal fulfills the recommendation of the Federal Health Ministry (BGA) and thus corresponds to 31, par 1 of the Food and Domestic Articles Law, Germany.
  • Handles:  Patented grip mounting (patent number EP0329064A2) without screws and rivets. This plug-in system was awarded the safety label of the TÜV Rheinland.

We offer a 20-year Surface Performance Warranty and Lifetime Guarantee because our pans are layered with actual titanium, the second hardest metal known to man.


Medical Endorsement


“Titanium Cookware Collection pans are a breakthrough in metal, toxin-free cookware. I enjoy being able to cook my vegetables and meats without any oil, and do entire meals stovetop! The non-stick nature of this titanium surface is incredible and makes use and clean-up really simple. I work with patients every day that have heavy-metal in their system, making them sick. Titanium is a safe solution to cooking without adding anything harmful back into your food.  I was especially impressed that this cookware has a pure titanium layer that is not mixed with ceramic or other metal-leaching substances.”

Dr. Bruce H. Shelton, M.D., M.D. (H)       Medical Endorsement      
Phoenix, Arizona


  • Current President Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association

  • Past President of the Arizona Board of Homeopathic and Integrated Medical Examiners–Licensing Board

  • 35 Year Fellow of the Arizona and American Academy of Family Physicians

  • Lectured extensively all over the USA and on three other continents

  • Graduate NY Medical College MD 1971

  • Diplomat and Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy

  • Chief Medical Adviser of Deseret Biologicals of Sandy Utah


No Grease No Sticking No Scrubbing


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